In Memory of Aaron Berley

Aaron Lawrence Berley passed away on January 11, 2018.  He was 19 years old.  Aaron enthusiastically joined the IMR Cambodia Medical Team in June 2017 and his contributions to the team were many.  As a college student with an interest in becoming a physician, Aaron wanted to test his desire by working in a medical clinic.  He learned how to take vital signs for every patient who came through clinic, teach community health education, take a history and begin a physical examination, perform laboratory testing, and much more. Aaron’s smile made the children laugh and brought shy smiles in return.  Aaron returned home filled with stories of his team, a love for medicine, and the knowledge that becoming a physician was his true path.

Aaron’s parents have requested that all donations in his memory be made to International Medical Relief to support our efforts in Cambodia. We are honored to be entrusted to share in Aaron’s legacy.  Your contributions will be utilized fully in Cambodia in memory of Aaron. Please donate via the form below.

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