Clean Water for Dreams

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Fatal Water-Borne Illnesses

Sokha loves to go to school each day.  The walk isn’t too far and she enjoys watching the families in the morning hours prepare for their day. Some days she is so happy, she skips along the path the entire way.

Last year, Sokha didn’t get to go to school as often as she wanted. The water in the well in her village is contaminated. The contaminants make her sick. And when she is sick, she can’t go to school.

But this year is different. With the help of donations to buy water filters, IMR was able to bring clean water to Sokha’s school. Now Sokha is able to drink water that is healthy for her body. She doesn’t get sick. She can go to school every day and receive an education. Sokha is living the dream of every girl in Cambodia.

Sokha is Happy. Sokha is Healthy. Sokha is Strong.

Sokha in school

With a donation of $100, IMR can provide a complete water filter system for a community
like Sokha’s that has no access to clean water.

Water Filter from IMR in Use


The simple, compact water filter attaches to a large plastic bucket. Dirty water pours in, the filter removes harmful bacteria and contaminants, and safe, clean water runs out. Water can be filtered as it is needed, whether it’s to fill a water bottle for a thirsty child at school or to fill a cooking pot for a family’s meal.

The more water filters we can purchase and install, the more lives we can save.


  • 884 million people in the world don’t have access to safe water.
  • 1.4 million children die every year from water-borne illnesses. That’s one child every 20 seconds.
  • IMR water filters have already reduced water-borne illnesses by 75% in one village in Ecuador.
  • IMR currently works actively in 40 countries. Our goal is to install 100 water filtration systems in communities every month.


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