How IMR Works

Treating underserved patients in communities throughout the world.medical personnel treating child on tarp on medical trip

IMR treats underserved patients with dramatic and often life saving results by providing medical services, medicines, supplies, training and education to communities throughout the world. Medical missions begin with team members’ introduction to community leaders and members, and move through pre-arranged logistics to community hospitals, clinics, and health posts. At these locations, team members provide a wide range of overseas medical care to meet local needs. Clinic days are long and arduous, but immeasurably productive and rewarding.

“It was impossible for me to come home untouched by what I saw. I have fulfilled a mission that I set out to complete when I started medical school. I have made a difference, maybe only a small one, in the lives of people so far away and yet so similar to the friends and family I left at home. These experiences and the emotions they carry with them will remain with me forever.”
~ Dr. Craig Stark