IMR Team Haiti, June 2017
From the Eyes of a Volunteer
October 2, 2017
Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Team I, Oct 28-Nov 4
Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Team I, Oct 28-Nov 4, 2017
November 6, 2017
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IMR Team Brazil, October 2017
Team Brazil saw more than 600 patients during their days in clinic.
One of the highlights: There was a wonderful family of 6 that came into our clinic in the Amazon yesterday. One of the children had a serious piranha bite about 10 days prior. He had seen a doctor but the tip was barely hanging on. The IMR team went straight to work and quickly began our wound care treatment. We took care of the entire family who was so grateful as they said goodbye. After some time had passed, the family returned with an entire bucket of fish to show their thanks!!
Another: In the afternoon we moved to a village about 25 minutes away with our big boat.  We walked up a steep and narrow boardwalk, crossed over beautiful fields of watermelon, corn, and cows and then crossed a series of large logs over a small river to reach the village.   The team and our amazing translators carried all our gear over hill and dale to reach the school where we set up clinic. This was as much larger space than this morning!!
And still: PA Regan had a patient that that had some symptoms of a stroke today. Thanks to the careful intake of Paramedic Jon and his excellent turnover to Regan, she quickly determined that the patient was very anxious from what she had been told by a local health center.  The woman was also very anxious about her son in the city who was using drugs. Regan was able to council the patient and helped her to understand that it was natural to be upset but she was physically fine. After some tears the woman hugged and kissed Regan and left with a smile.
My life for the last week has been absolutely incredible! A week spent making new friends, exploring new places and trying to help those in need. A huge hug and heartfelt thank you to all my fellow volunteers and those that helped us along the way! – Regan, Team Brazil