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IMR Mini Missions 

Half the Time, Half the Cost!
Want to volunteer with IMR but don’t have the time or financial resources to commit to a full 10-day trip? The IMR Mini Mission is for you! Select trips will be available as Mini Missions, allowing you to donate your time and talents at half the duration and cost as a full trip.

Upcoming Mini Missions


Help Us Bring Hope to Haiti over Thanksgiving! If you haven’t made Thanksgiving plans and have time for a quick trip, this is a great opportunity to give of your time! The IMR Mini Mission is perfect if you’re unable to make the full financial or time commitment of a 10-day trip.
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When I realized the kiddos were mimicking everything I was doing, I took that opportunity to teach them how to stretch, mixed with some ballet positions and pliés, yoga poses and movements, and just silly wiggling and dancing. They repeated my instructions in English (“up,” “down,” “turn,” “dance”) while the translator behind me repeated in Thai so they could associate the words together. Seeing 4 year olds in warrior poses and downward dogs may have been the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! We jammed to Grace Potter until lunch was over. When I served them water afterwards, they all lined up, put their hands together and bowed with gratitude before accepting the drink. They didn’t need iPads or fancy toys to be happy. They didn’t even speak the same language as each other and they were inclusive of each other anyways! This was the highlight of my trip, and when I get the case of the Mondays today, I will let myself get distracted with this awesome memory.

Meghan, Team Thailand