11270213_969315016433414_7943451709862490117_o (2)IMR Nursing Staff are essential for the success of our global health clinics.  Whether you are an RN, LPN, BSN, CNA or have a particular nursing specialty like midwife, pediatric, wound care, or more, our patients need your expertise, skills, and care!





  • Well Care: Assess well and mostly well patients and recommend over-the-counter medications under direction of physicians and advanced practice providers.
  • Triage: Triage patients to sick or well care based on vital signs and a rapid assessment.
  • ICU: Administer IV fluids and medications as required in clinic.
  • Laboratory, injectables, and respiratory therapy: Provide laboratory testing, nebulizer treatments, teach correct use of inhalers and other therapies, reconstitute and administer IV and IM medications.
  • Wound care: Coverage of the wound care area and treatment of major and minor wounds
  • Minor procedures: You may be asked to assist other providers in minor procedures in clinic
  • Sustainable Community Health Education:
    • Education at well care stations on the prevention of diabetes, hypertension, sexually transmitted infections, family planning, asthma and respiratory diseases, vaginal and urinary tract infections, and new baby care.
    • Patients also receive group classes in basic hygiene, hydration, sanitation, water purification, wound care, and stretching.
  • Teaching: All providers on IMR trips are responsible for teaching IMR student volunteers and local health care students. Students work under direct supervision and within their scope of care and comfort level. You may be asked to provide direct supervision to student nurses as required. logo


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