Study Abroad

Undergraduate, Graduate Students – Gain Valuable Experience to Take Your Education to the Next Level!

Since 2002, International Medical Relief has been sending volunteer medical teams to provide valuable medical care in developing countries. We send teams on 7 to 10-day missions to 40 different countries around the world providing medical, dental, and surgical care where it is needed most. Longer-term missions are also available!

Why Medical Missions with IMR?

Medical programs from International Medical Relief offer students a unique insight into the rewards and demands of a professional health career.


Ideal for current and aspiring health profession students – Medical, Dental, Nursing, Emergency Services

Short-term, clinic-based medical mission shadowing programs providing hands-on clinical experience with patients

Intensive, short-term study abroad program to meet the needs of students and universities

Opportunities for college credits (school dependent)


We Make Studying Abroad Easy and Rewarding

IMR takes care of all the arrangements for our volunteers, including transportation, in-country lodging, meals, ground logistics, and translators. Our number-one priority is that you are comfortable, safe, and secure during the time you spend with us.

All-inclusive destinations

Safe and secure working and lodging environments

Once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences

Hands-on, real-life international humanitarian opportunity

Help with online fundraising to cover trip costs

School Administrators

  • Offer students unique learning opportunities from professionals not available in a traditional school setting
  • Take advantage of programs designed to coordinate with scholastic schedules
  • Provide opportunities for individual students or entire student teams
  • Customize group programs to meet requirements for credit hours
  • Opt for programs to be led by university faculty

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Graduate Students

  • Work directly with patients in a variety of patient care roles under licensed and boarded providers
  • Develop a better understanding of myriad global healthcare issues
  • Help narrow your scope of interest
  • Gain an edge on career-advancing applications
  • Earn 80-110 clinical hours of experience plus a certificate of participation from IMR

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Undergraduate Students

  • Learn through a combination of mentoring, observation, and tutorials
  • Gain insight into the rewards and demands of a medical career
  • Care for patients under the direct supervision of licensed medical professionals
  • Participate in clinics in a variety of patient care roles
  • Earn 80-110 clinical hours of experience plus a certificate of participation from IMR

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