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IMR courageously goes into areas with little to no medical care and treats patients with dramatic and often life-saving results.   The medical mission teams provide medical services, medicines, supplies, training and education to treat and equip locals, leaving a long-lasting impact.

The medical relief we provide on each trip is effected by the skill, training and passion of the volunteers that attend and also those that support IMR through one-time donations and our monthly partner program.  You can make a significant impact through giving to International Medical Relief.


This has been such a humbling experience working with such a skilled and diverse team. The Cambodian people have been so welcoming and warm. On a break during our last clinic, several of us walked behind the monastery to see how the villagers lived. Although they only had a small shack to provide shelter, they decorated with beautiful flowers and welcomed us to their home. The care we provide is important and does make an impact, but over the last few days I have realized that even more importantly is the teaching we can provide the people here so that they can continue to serve their people and make a difference once we are gone. — Rebecca, IMR Volunteer

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Your donation will allow us to bring more supplies, training, equipment and a long lasting relief effort to communities that need it most. International Medical Relief is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.