We have received many, many testimonials from our volunteers over the years regarding their experience on a medical mission trip with IMR. These are just a few.

(I was able to have this experience with my daughter.) I love caring for people. This is rewarding in itself but being able to take time to get to know patients and hold hands with them is a special connection I rarely get to experience at home.

Getting to meet people who I would never get the opportunity to meet but for participating with an IMR trip was the most satisfying part of this trip. Not only did I experience the culture in the communities visited, but the cultures of others participating in the trip. Knowing that in my “normal” job I would be worried about letting a patient get close enough to hug me, let alone kiss me on the cheek, visiting these lovely people, I felt entirely comfortable receiving a tight hug or a kiss on the cheek knowing that they were motivated by love and appreciation. It was absolutely MY privilege to provide compassionate care to these patients and receive so much compassion in return. Thank you.

Robin, Team Guatemala

Being able to be fully immersed in a foreign culture is so rewarding. I love eating the food, learning the customs, seeing how people who seemingly have nothing are happy and grateful for everything. I think that gets me the most after these trips. I feel so bad for the patients I see, and I wish so badly I could do more for them, but even if I just give them Tylenol they are so incredibly grateful it is unreal. This trip was incredible! I love Zambia, the people, the culture, the food. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone.

Heather, PA, Team Zambia

Evelyn is PURE GOLD. She and Wanita made the trip extra amazing with their wit, professionalism, competence and excellent organization of every clinic every day. Their hearts shine in everything they do. So appreciate Wanita taking and sharing her photos and Evelyn telling her stories. Cannot imagine any other organization as well run as IMR. I was hesitant to attend as I am not medically trained. Both ladies took extra time and attention to put me in positions where I could do the most good and feel like I contributed to the team as a whole. Can’t thank them enough. I will happily recommend IMR to family and friends for the attention to detail and safety record. Heartfelt thanks to Evelyn and Wanita for a job well done and to IMR for giving them the tools to help us help others!

Michelle, Team Guatemala

Haiti will always hold a special place in my heart, and what I learned will stay with me forever. I felt guilty coming back to my life here knowing what I was leaving behind, but I have a stronger appreciation for the little things in life. (Like not having to brush my teeth with bottled water anymore.) Thank you to everyone who supported me along this journey, and thank you to my IMR team – who knew 11 strangers could become so close in such a short amount of time?! I can’t wait for my next opportunity to serve, whenever that may be.

Katie, Team Haiti

Thank you to all the translators who unceasingly supported us with patience and joy throughout this mission. To our providers, Donna, Dr. Ni-ni, and Dr. Lapman, thank you for imparting your knowledge to us. One can hope to be as excellent of a provider as you all are. To other fellow volunteers: nurses, EMTs, students, Amy, and many more – thank you! As someone who grew up in an underserved community, this does not only make me feel very thankful, but also hopeful that many other medical professionals will dedicate some of their time in volunteering and providing care to underserved communities.

Copper, Team Cambodia

Today Melissa and I did amazing things. We (through the IMR Partner Program and International Medical Relief) were able to get two wheelchairs for a patient with cerebral palsy and a war veteran amputee. The mother of the CP patient carried her son miles on her back to be seen at our clinic because he had no mobility.
I cannot even put into words how I feel. My heart is more than full and I have definitely fallen in love with the people of Vietnam.

Alexis, Team Vietnam

My first medical mission experience in Senegal is one I will never forget. Coming into a new country and jumping completely out of my comfort zone, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been a nurse for over a year and I’ve always dreamed of going on a medical mission trip to Africa. I’m so glad I chose to go to the most hospitable county of Senegal and was able to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met… Thank you all for showing me what it truly means to change the world and for letting me be a part of it. I’ve learned so much from each and every one of you and this trip with always hold a special place in my heart.

Michelle, RN, Team Senegal

I can’t begin to convey the sheer admiration, respect, and love I have for all these people. This trip to Nicaragua, documenting International Medical Relief’s mission to make a very simple yet profound impact on the lives of those less privileged has touched my heart and helped guide it in a more meaningful direction. The bravery and unbridled sense of kindness woven throughout these people’s character and this experience has shown me something new and refreshing that I will never forget. From our IMR crew to the people of Nicaragua, you will be with me always.

Madison, Team Nicaragua

Before I went on this trip I honestly did not know what to expect, especially since this was my first time travelling abroad by myself. IMR exceeded all my ideas of what this experience would be like, from the organization of the clinic to the ability of our team leader to corral us from location to location. Through IMR I learned that Cambodia had more to offer the world than tourist destinations, and honestly made me fall in love with the country and people.

Ian, Team Cambodia

If you ever have a chance to go to Africa to take cold showers, coat yourself in 100% deet, sleep in mosquito nets, and work long days in the heat…you should. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I wish I could put into words what this does to your heart. I thought I was coming here to save these people…instead they’re saving me.

Sarah, RN, Team Uganda

The children…taught me how little it takes from each of us giving just a piece of our heart, time, served with a slice of kindness to change the world around us. I feel so fortunate to have experienced this first day on my mission trip to Peru with IMR. It was an eye opening experience at many levels, but at the heart of it all was the enthusiasm, generosity, and love of all those I volunteered with. I look forward to future service trips around the world with International Medical Relief.

Dr. Amina, Team Peru

Personally, I have never felt more sure of my path and my decision to serve my community in healthcare. I have been enlightened in observing the way each member of IMR’s volunteer team contributes something individual and unique but also incredibly critical to the team as a whole.

Jordan, Team Philippines

Yesterday I just sat down in my apartment and cried. This trip has been overwhelming in the greatest possible way. The pain, the fear, the accomplishment, the pride, the vulnerability, the innocence of it all is beautiful to me. Feelings I never thought I had the capacity to feel. Perception that I didn’t think existed until now. A reality that was unknown to me. I just would like to give an enormous thank you and the warmest of hugs to the entire team, the team leader, the guides, the porters, and to International Medical Relief. You guys are out of this world amazing.

Juliette, Team Himalayas

I can’t thank IMR enough for giving me the opportunity to work along side so many amazing team members, and to provide care to such loving communities in need. I can’t wait until my next medical mission!

Erin, RN, Team Thailand

An older gentleman slowly shuffles over and sits down in front of me with his walking staff and his traditional white priest robe dressed in a dusty gray suit stitched on the cuffs several times with red thread in repair, you know these are possibly his only clothes. He clutches a small ratty prayer book in his hands and motions to his eyes and shakes the prayer book at me. Without even the assistance of the translator I realize his goal: to be able to read his daily prayers.

I take out my pen light and see his eyes are both are clouded over with cataracts but I have a small solution. I reach into my bag of donated $3 reading glasses and pick out the last pair: bright red ones. I put them on his face and he looks down at the words in his tattered book and tears start to stream down his face. With the biggest almost toothless smile, he grabs my hand in his rough one and kisses it multiple times. The simple luxury of picking out some cute +2.00 frames at Walgreens was not his. But with tears in my eyes, I knew I had made a difference and my heart was full once more.

Michelene, RN, Team Ethiopia