What We Treat in Clinic

We provide different levels of care for a wide variety of medical conditions.

Team members on our international medical mission trips have had the opportunity to see and provide different levels of care – from the definitive to the supportive – for a wide variety of medical conditions. Our global health clinics see patients that suffer from minor fevers to AIDS. Our global health clinics are customized around the staff who volunteers abroad with each project.  We provide extensive community health education and also conduct vaccination clinics. Many villagers, especially the aged have difficulty coming to the clinic and so we conduct a number of house calls.

  • Regardless of where you live in this world, young children suffer from sore throats and ear infections. Acute and chronic otitis media are common problems. Thankfully our medical mission trips help to not only remedy this pain but stop future hearing loss.
  • Infections such as strep are treated with antibiotics that not only will alleviate the fevers but save lives. We treat cases of impetigo, as well as highly contagious staff infections.
  • Men, women and children frequently suffer from a wide variety of severe gingival and dental problems that if not treated can lead to heart and other serious health problems.
  • In developing communities people often suffer from diseases that are the result of a lack of clean water and sanitary conditions. Diarrhea, commonly related to waterborne parasites, viruses and E.coli are frequent complaints.
  • On an IMR medical mission trip, patients are treated from stomach pain caused by worms or nutritional habits to severe disease and infection.
  • We treat patients suffering from dermatological infections and conducted minor surgical procedures on abscesses.
  • We see testicular tumors, hernias and large goiters. We diagnose chronic hypertension and diabetes. We often initiate care and encouraged our patients and their families to travel to the closest town for follow up.

group of medical volunteers treating child on table in Kenya medical clinicmedical mission doctor treating elderly woman in Kenya