What Will I Do In Clinic

Unique medical clinics

volunteer nurse examining child on others lap at medical clinic
Each medical clinic in and of itself is unique. There are variances with the medical skill set in each team, the patients that come to clinic, recent health outbreaks that may be affecting communities, and numerous other conditions that could be a factor. Keeping in mind that each experience is unique, IMR strives to bring continuity to our program and what we offer to our communities.

Volunteer roles
Particular roles and volunteers try to fill include, but are not limited to: patient in-take and health history, triage, patient and community health education, diagnosis and treatment, pharmacy, trip historian/photographer, interpreter, and more.

Non-medical volunteers
Non-medical volunteers assist throughout every aspect of clinic and can gain a true perspective of learning and working. Every job is as important as the other – the clinics function well because of the variety of everyone’s skills, coming together for this great cause.

In-take & Triage Volunteermedical vlolunteer holding young burn victim at medical clinic
While conducting patient in-take, volunteers have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversation with the patients. It is incredibly touching to hear their stories and how they came to clinic. It is helpful to have volunteers that can also take the patient health history at this time. Volunteers will utilize skills such as taking pulse, blood pressure and basic diagnostics.

Medical Professionals – Treatment & Diagnosis
With regard to patient treatment, medical professionals will be allowed to conduct themselves according to their knowledge, skills, ability and training as here in the US. Patients are treated by nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians; all under the guidance of a practicing physician from the US.

Surgical Team Volunteer
If you are participating on a team that has a surgical component, volunteers will be asked to participate in pre operative and post operative care as well as case management of patients. There are numerous volunteer positions that are assigned specifically by the surgeons in charge of the clinic according to the skill set of each individual volunteer.

Dental Team Volunteer
Whether it is providing fluoride treatments to children, post-care medicines to patients who’ve undergone extractions, cleaning dental instruments, or giving oral hygiene instruction, the dental clinics are always hustling with activity from the medical team.nurse and teenage girl hugging at clinic

Pharmacy Volunteer
IMR runs our own pharmacy for each clinic to control how medicines are distributed. Although many of the medicines we prescribe are over the counter in some countries, we adhere to strict standards and guidelines with our distribution of medicines.

Community Education Class Trainer
Each volunteer actively participates in the overall community health program where they engage in activities with the local communities to help them to learn about a myriad of topics including basic first aid, CPR, infectious diseases, and other healthy community topics.

Community Education Class Director
Community education classes run throughout the clinic. One volunteer is designated to assist with organizing the schedule of classes and bringing the people in the community together with the volunteers for a successful program.

A vital volunteer role is the role of interpreter. Many volunteers that participate do so because of their foreign language skills.

Trip Historian
Another favorite job is capturing the beautiful stories of the people through photography and writing down the memories for the team.