Clinic Roles for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students:
Pre-Medical, Dental, Nursing, Emergency Services, Pharmacy

Work directly with patients in every clinic in a variety of patient care roles, under direct supervision of licensed and boarded providers.

OUTCOMES AND GOALS: Develop skills in every department of an urgent care facility during the trip including patient registration, intake, triage, sick and well care, community health education, dental, ICU, wound care, laboratory, and pharmacy.

  • Learning Opportunities: All providers on IMR trips are responsible for teaching IMR student volunteers and local health care students as time allows. You will have learning opportunities every day and gain valuable experience in patient care.
  • Intake and Triage: Take and record vital signs: Receive instruction and practice in proper techniques for taking manual and automatic blood pressure for adult patients, chart height and weight of all children, take and record temperatures, and assess pulse and respiration both manually and with a pulse oximeter.
  • Well and Sick Care Shadowing and Scribing: Shadow well care and sick care providers as time in clinic permits. Scribe on IMR’s EMR system. Take patient histories and participate in all aspects of patient care.
  • Laboratory and Respiratory Therapy: Learn basic laboratory testing and proper nebulizer treatment techniques. Provide community education for patients with hydration and respiratory conditions.
  • Wound Care and Minor Procedures: Learn basic wound care and observe minor procedures.
  • Diagnosis Equipment: Assist with equipment such as fetal Doppler, EKG, ultrasound, hemoglobin, glucometer, and pulse oximeter for patient diagnosis.
  • Community Health Education: This is one of the best roles in clinic! Participate in teaching basic hygiene, hydration, sanitation, and water purification classes.
  • Pharmacy: Organize and dispense medication, and provide patient education on how to take and store medications appropriately and safely.
  • Patient Transports and Home Visits: Help licensed providers transport patients to hospitals during the trip.
  • Statistics and Pre-Packing Medications: Help collect statistics on diagnoses from our medical providers and pre-pack medications for the well care pharmacy.
  • Clinical Trials: You may have the opportunity to participate in collecting data for clinical trials if IMR has an approved trial at the time of your trip.

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