Clinic Roles

What Will I Be Doing In Clinic?

What will you be doing during an IMR clinic? While every clinic is different depending on the condition of our patients and the volunteers that make up our teams, here are examples of some of the roles our volunteers play.

Medical/Dental Volunteers

  • Sick Providers (Physicians/Advanced Practice Providers)
  • Well Providers (RN/EMT-P)
  • Dental Providers
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Triage (RN/EMS)
  • ICU/Laboratory/Wound Care (RN/EMS)
  • Statistics (Providers/RN/EMS) (Evening)

Non-Medical Volunteers

  • Community Health Education (everyone welcome!)
  • Vital Signs (EMS/medical staff)
  • Patient Runners
  • Historian
  • Dental Staff
  • Pharmacy Staff
  • Dispense Reading/Sunglasses
  • Medication Pre-Pack team (Evening)
This is an amazing experience. The team has bonded well and are all working together. We have helped so many individuals, from helping them to hear again to just reassuring them that they are well. We have been welcomed by the Rudashya village – – – RN Susan and Dr. Brett, Team Rwanda

Role Details

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Patient Intake

Patient Intake

  • Takes vital signs
  • Sets up and takes down area each day
  • Greets patients and gets them signed in
  • Collects patient health history and chief complaint

Triage - Brazil 2014

  • Helps set up and take down pharmacy each day
  • Checks patient weight
  • Uses patient record to determine whether the patient sees the medical or the well care provider
Medical Care Provider

Medical Care Provider, Brazil 2014

  • Sets up and takes down treatment area each day
  • Conducts physical exam based on patient’s chief complaint and medical record and makes diagnosis
  • Suggests treatment
  • Reviews health education and preventative measures with patient
  • Writes script if applicable
Well Care Provider

Well Care Provider, Kenya 2014

  • Sets up and takes down treatment area each day
  • Reviews any health concerns with patient
  • Conducts physical exam
  • Directs patient back to triage staff if something is noted that needs a medical care provider’s attention
  • Provides one-on-one health education (asks questions, offers tips based on the answers)
  • Writes nonprescription-based scripts (vitamins, antacids, analgesics, etc.)

  • Sets up dental clinic area
  • Sets up sterilization area
  • Provides dental services – learn more »
Pharmacy Staff

Pharmacy, Haiti 2014

  • Sets up and takes down pharmacy daily
  • Processes scripts
  • Explains to patients how to use and store the medication
Community Education Class Director

Community Education

  • Sets up the community education area
  • Creates class schedule
  • Organizes attendees
  • Introduces the topic and the instructor
  • Organizes teaching aids and giveaways for each class

Documentarian, Kenya 2014

  • Helps to set up all clinic areas to gain familiarity with the clinic set up
  • Works with doctors and dentists to document noteworthy cases
  • Interviews patients about their experience in clinic
  • Takes photos
  • Interviews providers to gain information on significant or impactful cases