EMS Personnel

EMS Volunteers


Emergency Medical Services workers, including EMTs and paramedics, serve many different roles on IMR teams, including:

  • Providing emergency care of patients who walk into clinic or are involved in accidents.
  • Working in the clinic ICU, primarily monitoring IVs and doing wound care. You may obtain IV access for patients if you have a current IV certification.
  • Triaging patients for sick and well care.
  • Triaging patients waiting outside the clinic for immediate response.
  • Teaching medical staff members how to take blood pressure and monitoring their work to ensure accuracy.
  • Taking vital signs in the triage area and as needed for providers.
  • Providing wound care and running lab tests as needed.
  • Providing patient transports as required.
  • Teaching community health education classes, including CPR, choking, and wound care.
  • For paramedics, providing well care of patients with the nursing team.


Are you a paramedic or EMT interested in serving on an IMR trip? See our upcoming trips below, find one of interest, and apply!

I served as an EMT medical missionary with a medical team of doctors, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMTs, and additional staff as a travel clinic throughout the rural regions of Cambodia. I entered this medical mission with the intent to better understand the combination of culture and medicine. I now understand, however, that it’s more complex and variable than such a simple idea. Every environment is different and it takes being present and involved to really understand the true reality and lifestyle of the people you’re hoping to learn from and offer your skills to. It’s not in a textbook or a movie. It’s a requirement that life has for us to interact with the strangers we share a great deal of similarities with despite our cultural upbringing and location. The beauty of humanity is coming together inspired by the passion of the mind to grow as a community. Bridgit, EMT, Team Cambodia
EMT Bridget at work with IMR Team Cambodia