Interpreters and Translators


IMR depends on interpreters and translators in clinic to help patients and medical and dental personnel communicate with each other. Many of our volunteer interpreters are native speakers. A trip with IMR returns them to their home country where they can help those in need. Others are language students who wish to put their hard work and skills to practical use. Still others are former Peace Corps volunteers or have other international experience and wish to contribute to our cause. There are no requirements for our interpreter volunteers other than they be comfortable speaking the language.

What Do Interpreters Do In Clinic?

Interpreters work in every area of clinic. They are crucial to helping our medical and dental providers understand patients’ symptoms and complaints. They also help patients understand their diagnosis or treatment. Interpreters work in triage, intake – everywhere! We also rely on their language skills during our community education classes to communicate the information our patients need to be healthy and stay healthy.

Many of our interpreters are non-medical volunteers, but we do get a number of medical students and providers who can communicate with and treat our patients at the same time.

Are you interested in serving as an interpreter on an IMR trip? See our upcoming trips below, find one of interest, and apply!

IMR interpreters help a dentist understand her patient's complaints.