Brazil, Nov. 16-23, 2019
November 25, 2019
Philippines, Nov. 21-Dec 1, 2019
December 3, 2019
To have an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, travel to a new place filled with different cultures, people, and ideas and to have the ability to surrender yourself fully to the service of others is an experience unlike any other. These mission trips are not just about the people we help; they are about the lasting impact people leave on our lives along the way. The relationships and connections we build and the way we inevitably expand our minds just a little bit farther and open our hearts just a little bit wider in the process. – Leada, IMR Team Argentina
We set up in LaValle, Argentina with patients already lined up welcoming us in. The day quickly became busy with indigenous huerpe patients, young and old, seeking our care. I worked hand in hand with two local dentists. Although there was a language barrier between myself and them, there was no question that we shared the same passion for dental health and overall well being of those we saw. Attempting to make them laugh with our over-the-top humor along the way. Among all the things I learned that day, the one thing that I will hold with me forever is, when one shares the desire to give back that is understood and appreciated by all. – Dana, hygienist, IMR Team Argentina