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January 13, 2020
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Cambodia, Jan 18-26, 2020
January 28, 2020
Several team members set out early this morning, knocking on the door of a community center that locals had suggested might need our services. This center provides free lunch and community outreach programs for affected members of the community here in Freeport. However, like most of the island, it is sorely underserved for basic medical needs.

After a quick meeting with the pastor, the rest of the team assembled to open the clinic this morning. We worked steadily and diligently to serve several patients with basic needs across the spectrum: wellness checks, blood sugar testing for diabetes, reading glasses, and refilling medications. We went out into the surrounding neighborhood and included some home visits as well for those who could not come to the community center.

Patient after patient shared their story of surviving Hurricane Dorian, rebuilding families and communities, and reminding us to remember that this is a long climb back to normalcy for all of them.

Today, we experienced the resilience of the Bahamian people as they continue to recover from the incomprehensible devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

The pastor who ministers to this community told the team that his center does many things well to provide for their neighbors, but that the kind of medical service International Medical Relief provides is severely needed and appreciated. We saw 150 patients today and serving patients this entire week was about providing hope and healing. Giving back and being part of a team that spreads humanity and health to others. International Medical Relief is saving lives one patient at a time. Be the good.

– Germain, IMR Team Bahamas

IMR Team Bahamas volunteer Peter checks a patient
IMR Team Bahamas Volunteer Peter
IMR Team Bahamas volunteer poses for a photo with a female patient
IMR Team Bahamas members pose with a patient at the glasses station
An IMR Team Bahamas volunteer carries luggage for the team