Cambodia Update
July 16, 2015
Cambodia Day 3
July 18, 2015

The team did a fantastic job in the second day of clinic. Here is the latest report from the team:

After an awesome city tour yesterday, the team started early this morning and headed off to another province. During the hour and a half ride, the team was able to see the beautiful countryside of Cambodia.

Upon arrival, the community leaders greeted us and a huge crowd of patients were already eagerly waiting to be treated. Dr. Rada, Dr. Tim and Dr. Dani immediately assisted a particularly frail patients.

Team Community Ed with Joel and Mary engaged the community with various topics such as hand washing, prevention of STDs and dental hygiene. Joel had the children drawing and coloring pictures. Some even made a picture especially for him. The community ed classes were a hit with patients of all ages. Joel and Mary also dispensed reading glasses for those in need. Multitasking at its best!

Team Triage was busy all throughout the day. They patiently triaged each patient giving them as much attention and compassion as possible. Thanks to their detailed assessments, the providers had a great deal of information with which to make accurate diagnoses and appropriate interventions. Team Triage – Mary, Jon, Lisa, Lorrie and Mia all did a terrific job!

Our talented providers included Dr. Dani, Dr. Petia, Dr. Rada, Dr. Sonny and Dr. Tim. They were assisted by students Tyler, Emily and Lea who were shadowing them. The providers efficiently mad thorough assessments of each patient. There were quite a number of cases of gastritis, respiratory tract infections, diabetes and skin diseases. The providers gave one-on-one health education to each patient on various topics such as prevention of acid reflux, hand washing, proper stretching exercises, etc.

The Lab Team with Alex and Nathan quickly setup their station as soon as clinic started. They were able to easily familiarize themselves with the different diagnostic lab tests and efficiently carried out each procedure.

Team Pharmacy ROCKED with Hailey, Sarah and Jennifer. Each patient received instructions on the proper way to take and store their medication.

Team served 326 patients! AMAZING WORK, Team Cambodia!!!

-Dr Maricar and the IMR Cambodia Team

“…Saw roughly 326 patients. Our volunteers were not only able to serve the residents but also interact with education along with fun and games.”
– Nathan, IMR Cambodia Team