Cambodia Day 2 Clinic
July 16, 2015
Cambodia Day 4 Clinic
July 19, 2015

We were able to serve 395 patients on our third day of clinic. The team ROCKED! There was awesome team work from everyone! It was a full day of clinic in one of the Cambodian provinces. We set up our mobile clinic at a school beside a temple.

Upon arriving, a huge crowd welcomed us. We had a Cambodian youth organization with us again. They were a great help to the team. Immediately we were able to set up clinic. The flow of clinic was incredibly smooth and everyone worked well together.

Team Community Ed, Nathan and Joel, did an excellent job! Nathan presented classes on handwashing, general hygiene, and oral health. He also gave one-on-on education to patients with topics pertinent to their specific illnesses. Joel setup the eyeglasses station which was quite a hit among locals. He helped patients select the correct reading glasses and educated them on how to protect their eyes.

Team triage, (Amanda, Kylie, Elizabeth, Mary, Lea), took vital signs and the chief complaint for each patient. When team triage was a bit busy, other team members were happy to help out. Nathan and Mia assisted in triage during the latter half of the clinic.

Team Lab, (Mia and Alexander), did an excellent job with all patients needing lab tests.

The Provider Team ROCKED and saw as many patients as possible. Jon, Hailey, Andrea and Katlyn all came together to help provide care for patients. When they had questions they would turn to the doctors for assistance. The doctors, Dr. Rada, Dr. Petia, Dr. Sonny, Dr. Maricar, Dr. Tim and Dr. Dani made a thorough assessment of each patient. We had quite a number of interesting cases. Dr. Dani had a patient with rashes covering her body that may have been Neurosyphilis. Dr. Tim treated a pediatric patient with dry eczematous skin which the boy had since he was born. Dr. Sonny and Dr. Dani pitched in to help with the assessment. We concluded that it may have been a possible case of Icthyosis or Job’s Disease. We offered education to the mother to make sure skin is well hydrated. We put her in touch with a skin specialist for follow up. We also saw the usual cases of GERD, respiratory tract infections and musculoskeletal strain. There were also several patients with Parkinson’s disease and Malaria.

It was a FANTASTIC day for the team and everyone is looking forward to the next three days of clinic!

Thank you for all your support!

-Dr. Maricar & the IMR Cambodia Team