Cambodia Day 3
July 18, 2015
Armenia Team
August 3, 2015

It was time to move again to go to another Cambodian province. Traveling to the clinic site took us on an enjoyable 6 hour ride through the countryside with long stretches of rice fields. We took a minor detour and enjoyed the scenic route on our way to our destination. We had the privilege to see the old Royal palace which is on top of a hill – It was such an adventure for the team! It was a scenic and pleasant drive and the time passed quickly. As we were nearing the site, a line of mountain ranges awaited us. We traveled to a remote community near the mountains with very limited access to health care. The road lead us through some amazing scenery and we passed several cassava plantations. When we arrived, a long line of patients eagerly awaited us.

We set out to work immediately upon arriving. The team quickly set up the clinic area to make sure we had time to treat all the patients in line. Most of patients had been waiting for our arrival since early that morning. We had a great team of about 26 translators, many of them high school students. Although space was somewhat limited, the team pulled together and made the clinic flow smoothly.

Team Community Ed with Sarah and Jennifer taught classes on various topics such as hygiene, oral health and more. They also were able to help in the pharmacy when needed.

Team Triage with Alexander, Amanda, Kylie, Elizabeth and Nathan made excellent notes on each patient. They were efficient in taking vital signs and directed them to the appropriate provider.

The lab team, Tyler and Mia, multitasked and took lab tests and also assisted in triage. This really helped the flow of patients in clinic.

Our Provider Team once again gave quality care to our patients. We saw a wide range of cases. Hailey was able to see an ulcerative lesion on a man’s foot which he had for years. You could see already see the bone because of the depth of the ulcer. We also saw several interesting cases of gout, thyroid cancer, down’s syndrome and clavicle fracture. We had many of cases of gastritis, arthritis and urinary tract infections. All the providers ROCKED during clinic!

The pharmacy team with Emily, Joel and Lorrie did a fantastic job assisting the providers in distributing the needed medications to the patients.

This team in AMAZING and was able to see about 198 patients. Awesome job, Cambodia Team!!! The last two days of clinic are still ahead. The team is doing a great job and we are looking forward to the last two days of clinic!

-Dr. Maricar & the Cambodia Team