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From a Day in Clinic with Team Cambodia:

We quickly passed by a local college to pick up the college students that we will be working with today. As we met the students, they greeted us with smiles. They were all wonderful and friendly. Truly, the people here in Cambodia are its greatest assets. We had in total around 40 teachers and students joining us for the event.  We had the chance to get to know them a bit on the long ride to clinic. It took an hour travel past the main highway and into rough roads. We saw a lot of traditional khmer houses along the way and got a glimpse of life in the rural areas as we got closer to clinic.
Upon arrival at the clinic site, we had a short briefing with the students and then immediately got set up. Despite the light rain showers during the start of the day, we had crowds come in to see us.  Our student monks manned our main registration area. It was great to hear their desire and eagerness to serve their community and they quickly got registration moving in the right direction!
Community education, led by IMR medical staff member Naomi and Medical Lab Scientist Melissa, conducted small group classes on hygiene, clean water, mosquito borne diseases, asthma and the lungs, and other basic IMR topics. The patients were overall very interactive. Naomi and Melissa did an awesome job in education and controlling the flow of the crowd during clinic.
The Intake and triage team did a great job as well. All patients were seen and assessed accordingly. For cases requiring urgent care, they were able to notify the providers immediately.  RN Jessica manned well care doing mostly health education on an individual basis to each of the patient seen.
Sick care was busy all day with long lines awaiting them. Dr Benoy, Dr Bindu and Dr Peter worked alongside the medical students Victoria, Caleb and Nick. The medical students were allowed to get the medical history of the patients and our doctors was able  to guide them throughout the process. Shout out to our medical students for their willingness to learn and serve their patients! Also great work for our doctors for their patience and hardwork in teaching our students and in treating their patients.
Last and always the best station is Pharmacy. This is probably the busiest station today. With the help of the local college students, the team was able to segregate medications and prepack most of it for the succeeding days of clinic. Medical Staff Lindsay did a great job overseeing Pharmacy today! Medical staff Sofia, Merrick and Aaron all did great in manning their stations!  A big shout out to our young people – Naomi, Sophie, and Sofia are in high school, Lindsey is entering college in the fall, and Merrick and Aaron are college freshman. They are truly future leaders in medicine!
At the end of the day we were able to see 256 patients. We are thankful to our local college students for helping us out today. Without them, little would be possible.
I was amazed by the teamwork shown throughout this team. Every single person gave 100% of what they could offer even in the heat, exhaustion, rainstorms, and ants (which decided to hitch a ride in our bags with us the last two days!). There are so many examples of team members going above and beyond to try and meet the needs of the Cambodian people such as extra toothbrushes being bought on the way to clinic, inquiries about women’s shelters for a couple domestic violence cases, and even a night run in a tuk-tuk to buy a glucometer kit! It’s clear that compassion and passion were in full effect throughout this entire trip! – Jessica, RN, Team Cambodia Volunteer