Cambodia First Day
July 15, 2015
Cambodia Day 2 Clinic
July 16, 2015

The team is doing great! Today they were able to tour some of the amazing sights in Cambodia. Here is the latest update from the team:

A walk through history
The team had a historical tour of the city. We were able to see the majestic Royal Palace built for the king of Cambodia. We saw the treasures of his once vast kingdom. We walked around the palace amazed by the rich culture and traditions of the country. The huge complex is a testament to the greatness of the Khmer empire.

After the tour, we headed off for a traditional lunch and got to taste the flavors of fantastic khmer dishes. Next, we went to the nearby Russian market which was teeming with interesting trinkets, souvenirs, and clothing. The team was able to do some shopping and see all the interesting merchandise this busy market offered.

Traveling a little further, we were taken to the “Killing Fields of Cambodia.” This are served as the site for the mass killings of citizens perpetuated by the Cambodian government during the 1970s. These were some very dark years for the Cambodian people. Our tour guide shared his life story during those years. He was seven years old and was taken away from his parents and then forced to work for the government. His life and the lives of his family members were threatened if he ever decided to go back home. He remembered the suffering he experienced as well as the suffering of those around him. It was a walk through history for us walking along the mass graves. Hearing about the senseless killings brought us a lot of sadness, but we learned a lot from this experience – while mankind is capable of great evil, we must move forward and choose to do the greater good instead.

Tomorrow will be another opportunity for us to do good for the Cambodian people and give them much-needed care. We are looking forward to another day of clinic tomorrow and are grateful for the chance to give something back to this incredible country. Thank you for all your support!

–Maricar and the IMR Cambodia Team