Kenya, Sep 1-10, 2017
September 13, 2017
IMR Team Haiti, June 2017
From the Eyes of a Volunteer
October 2, 2017
The IMR Dominican team arrived safely to find many refugees from St Maarten with a number of medical issues who were flown to the Dominican Republic for safety.  The team took care of their needs in addition to patients they went there to care for – resort workers and their families who have no access to medical care. The team threaded the needle between two hurricanes and were ready for whatever came next.
  • Dr. Bill is a family practice physician who is our chief medical officer and IMR’s Medical Director.  He has been on 12 IMR trips and absolutely loves to see kids.
  • Dr. Robb is an emergency medicine physician and a surgeon from Wisconsin.  He is also an IMR alumni – he was in Haiti over the summer.
  • Dr. Malik is our dentist who hales from Michigan.  He is joined in clinic by dental assistant Nicole and pre-dental students Chad and Joe.  Chad is from the Oregon coast, Joe is from Pennsylvania, and Nicole is our Canadian!
  • Team Leader and RN Ev is an experienced IMR team leader and alumna.  In addition to her hospital nursing career, Ev also provides care for Hollywood stars as a movie set RN.
  • Wanita is an advanced EMT with great skills. She is from Virginia.
  • Brown has been an IMR team member eight times prior and is an amazing lay pharmacist and jack of all trades! He arrived from Texas after being blown around by Hurricane Harvey.
  • Eric, Amanda, Michelle, and Brandon are volunteer medical staff.  Their roles in clinic include shadowing and scribing for our amazing providers, teaching patients community health education, getting vital signs from patients, and helping in wound care.  Eric has a PhD in biochemistry and an MPH (Public Health); he is a pre-med student from New Orleans.  Amanda is from New York City, Michelle is from California, and Brandon is from Colorado.  All are pre-medical school students who are working hard to live their dream!

By far, the most humbling experience. Giving the Punta Cana community smiles through medical/dental aid was what made everything so much better and meaningful. Forever grateful and blessed for this amazing opportunity. – Joe, Team Dominican Republic Volunteer
It has been such a humbling experience being able to serve the Dominican Republic community. I had the wonderful opportunity of working with such a kind, collaborative, and hardworking team to provide care to hundreds of people. Seeing the big smiles, warm hugs, and overall appreciation these individuals showed us made this medical mission trip incredibly rewarding. – Michelle, Team Dominican Republic Volunteer