IMR Team South Africa, June 2017
South Africa: Jun 15-25, 2017
July 12, 2017
Medical Mission to Nepal, July 2017
Nepal, Jul 6-16, 2017
July 19, 2017

An Update from Clinic with Team Ethiopia:

Each day, we have been teaching everything from how to purify water using the sun (and good old boiling, too!) to not just how to wash hands, but more importantly, when to wash hands (after touching animals, cleaning the baby, before cooking, after eating….you should all be washing your hands right now!).  The children have been very helpful in showing their elders how to do it and for how long. One of the most fun things community education does is to put a small bit of glitter on a welcome hand and have them shake hands with all their friends.  The end result?  Lots of tiny bits of glitter are on everyone’s hands, representing how germs are spread by simple and quick contact.  Of course, along with good hand washing comes covering your cough and sneeze!   Along with teaching, they are also learning from their patients about their daily lives.  We love community education at IMR!

Our medical staff members have also been shadowing our skilled providers and observing in the hospital.  While they are shadowing, they are being taught about all the diseases they are seeing.  We are lucky to have more than 10 providers on this team between the doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.  Our highly trained nurses and emergency medical technicians and paramedics are also being shadowed.  This helps our students understand the difference between well and sick patients, what laboratory results mean to the eventual diagnosis of the patient, and how to do wound care.  Our students also get to see many different conditions, including ear and respiratory infections, skin rashes, stomach complaints and goiters.

It has been a wonderful week of learning for everyone, and we thank you for sharing your family and friends with the country of Ethiopia and with us.