View of the town in Guatemala where the IMR clinic was held
Guatemala, Jan 5-12, 2019
January 15, 2019
Rama Island, Feb 16-23, 2019
March 25, 2019
These two children are brother and sister. The brother brought his younger sister to our clinic while their mother was busy working in the market. We gave them hats and toothbrushes and educated them on the importance of hygiene. I wish you could have seen how intently they listened and how mature these kids were. Later that day they came back. The little girl was so grateful for the care we had given her and brought back oranges from the market as a token of her appreciation. The smiles on their faces and the hugs they gave us made my entire day! Not only did she bring us oranges, she brought her baby sister, her mom, and her grandpa! Every single one of them were so appreciative and sincere. – Krista, IMR Team Guatemala (see the IMR Facebook page for a continuation of this post)
IMR Volunteer and two young patients at a clinic in Guatemala
IMR Volunteer holding a baby at a clinic in Guatemala
Girl practicing toothbrushing on a model of teeth at an IMR clinic in Guatemala
A sad baby on her mother's back in an IMR clinic in Guatemala
A little baby in a new hat with a sucker in an IMR clinic in Guatemala
IMR Team Guatemala enjoying a meal
IMR Volunteer and a team interpreter at a clinic in Guatemala
IMR Volunteer holding a tiny baby in a clinic in Guatemala
Thank you for such a great experience. This was my 1st medical mission and definitely won’t be my last. I learned so much about people I met through group and my patients, including some self reflection. – Arpana, IMR Team Guatemala
IMR Volunteer Arpana talks with patients at a clinic in Guatemala