Medical Mission Trip to Nepal - IMR Team
Nepal: Dec 23-Jan 1, 2017
January 2, 2017
Nicaragua: Jan 17-25, 2017
January 27, 2017

“A day with IMR is a rewarding day to say the least. The team work I have witnessed is completely remarkable. Everyone has a positive attitude and that is why we get the job done. The compassion within this team is extraordinary and highly appreciated. Every single person I saw today was on their feet, moving with the determination to help every child, adult, and elder at the scene. Even though our work space was small, in the dirt, and in someone’s front yard, the organization and team work never ceased to thrive to the highest of expectations. There were different stations the patients were sent to; each station could not have done better than what they did today. The providers, nurses, and all the medical staff exceeded the limit of expectations. I have never been more honored to be with such a wonderful, hardworking team in my life. The changes being made to this beautiful country are not going unnoticed. Each day is getting better and each patient is getting more educated on a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is making a difference, big or small it is all changing the lives of the people of Haiti.”

Kacey – IMR Team Haiti Volunteer

I was told once by a psychic that I would travel the world and many different cultures would let me in without even being able to speak the same language. It amazes me how much you can say without even saying a word.

Katie, IMR Team Haiti Volunteer