Syrian Refugee Relief
December 5, 2015
Panama: May 22-28, 2016
May 29, 2016

Haiti-Medical-Mission-Trip-2We are happy to report the team is safe, sound, and working diligently in Haiti to bring medical aid to many in need!

This first clinic day was well supported by Kyle, Kristin, Hannah and Cherlinx in our triage section. They worked hard to get patients in the door quickly, while assessing them and determining their needs accurately. This is a crucial step to an efficient clinic operation.

Kristen and Rupesh took care of the little ones and administered Albendazole and vitamin A to keep them seeing clearly, while also eliminating any cases of worms. These introduction into their personal care can make a world of difference in their overall health. Well done guys!

Our community education classes were well attended. Chris and Arika did a fantastic job of sharing the knowledge of basic preventative procedures such as hand washing, oral care, water purification and the importance of overall hygiene. They got the patients involved and had active participants. This was an impressive feat and will prove to leave a sustainable impact through the spreading of information to these individuals’ communities.

The EMT’s shadowed doctors and worked in the well care section of clinic today. They learned a great deal as they were able to utilize their present skill set as well as expand their understanding. Sunny, Andy, Matt, and Anjali rocked pharmacy. They improved the dispensing of all medications and vitamins to a central location which improved the traffic flow, and minimized the patient wait time, and doesn’t everyone love that! The team is absolutely fantastic and has already bonded, operating like a well oiled machine.

The patients were so thankful to have IMR visit. They saw some interesting cases of seizures, scabies, a multitude of dehydration, genetic disorders, and many issues that arise from lack of clean water and proper hygiene. The first day was truly fantastic and from the sounds of it our Haiti mission team is making waves and lasting memories down in Haiti.

An EMT on the team, Zach, recalls that “This first day of clinic went really well and the team got the hang of the flow very quickly. I felt comfortable providing care and treatment after shadowing the doctors for some time. Looking forward to tomorrow!”

As are we, Zach!