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Haiti Hurricane Matthew Disaster Medical Relief – October 22-29

IMR is mobilizing volunteer medical and dental teams for a disaster relief trip to Haiti. We need your help!

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Current Situation

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, many areas of Haiti have been flooded. An estimated 300,000 people have been displaced and moved to regional shelters. Details continue to roll in, but by latest accounts, the death toll in Haiti has surpassed 800 people.

The damage is so vast in many remote areas that the extent of the destruction and the untold suffering is still not fully known. There are reported to be more than 70,000 people seeking refuge. 100,000 people, including those in towns where IMR has worked over the years, do not have proper sanitation or clean water. Many people have seen their homes reduced to remnants. Medical needs are climbing as communicable illnesses begin to take hold and do their damage. They need our help and we need yours!

International Medical Relief began working in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010 and we have continued to support communities across the country. Never having fully recovered from this previous devastation, the Haitian people are now faced with further challenges and overwhelming odds.

Our friends in Haiti are truly suffering in the wake of this incredible storm that has left so many without shelter or proper medical care. Through the connections we have made in Haiti, we have been asked to respond with volunteer medical and dental teams to help provide medical care to the Haitians affected by the hurricane and resulting flooding.

Medical and Dental Clinic

This fast-approaching disaster relief trip will focus on medical and dental relief in two very hard-hit areas of the country. Our volunteer teams will provide acute medical care and necessary medications for those who have limited or no access to services in the region.

Although there has been an international effort to lend support since the earthquake, Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Health care in Haiti has continued to suffer and the current need is overwhelming.

This mission trip will focus on tending to patients who have been hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew. Cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, acute illnesses, infectious disease, and diarrheal disease will begin to plague these people, and IMR will be there to help in their time of greatest need.

We always have a high patient load in Haiti, and this trip will not be an exception. As a volunteer on our medical and dental teams, even if you have no medical experience, you will work in the communities where Matthew has done the most damage, treating hundreds of patients. In our clinics, we will see patients with tropical diseases including leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, and lymphatic filariasis, as well as large acute and chronic wounds. These are in addition to the common illnesses already plaguing the people of Haiti that do not stop simply because a hurricane hit the country. Respiratory and other acute illnesses, infections, and motor vehicle accidents still occur every day.

Women are particularly at risk in Haiti, with sexually transmitted diseases, personal violence, and pre-eclampsia common. Children are often malnourished, covered with scabies, and infected with parasites. Dental care is one of the greatest needs in our patients. We frequently partner with local medical and dental students and recent graduates to share knowledge and provide follow-up for our patients.

The volunteer teams for this trip are mobilizing quickly. Please join us as we respond to this great call. A $500 deposit will secure your place on the team and we offer assistance with fundraising to cover trip costs. We understand this trip is short notice, but people are suffering now. Learn more and sign up for this trip.

If you can’t volunteer with us, please consider making a donation (see the top of this page) to help cover medical costs and medications for this urgent trip and as Haiti continues to recover.


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