Medical Mission Trip to the Thailand Gulf, 0717
Thailand Gulf, Aug 4-13, 2017
September 7, 2017
Team Dominican Republic 0917
Dominican Republic, Sep 10-16, 2017
September 20, 2017
On Team Kenya, we had 4 physicians, Dr. Monique (Pediatric Emergency Medicine), Dr. Barbara (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Marc (Podiatric Surgeon) and Dr. Stewart (Adult Emergency Medicine).  You couldn’t ask for a better group of physicians!  Dr. Barbara is an IMR alumni – she has previously worked in Haiti.  Dr. Monique, our team leader, has been on many IMR trips and is a seasoned team leader.  She was most recently in Uganda where our IMR team saw more 2000 patients in small, villages on the tops of very large hills.  Dr. Stewart and Dr. Marc were our “newbies” – but not for long!!
Dr. Marwa, our dentist, is a long-time volunteer with IMR.  She is Kuwaiti (that’s a long way to Kenya!) and has been in Panama, India, and a few other wonderful places with IMR. Dr. Marwa is assisted by Dental Assistant Antonina and our entire medical staff team. (We’ll introduce them next!)
Medical staff at IMR are a hard-working bunch.  They come for all walks of life and all over the world simply to help our clinics run efficiently.  Many are pre-professional students working hard to become doctors, nurses, psychologists, and public health professionals.  Others just want to help because people need good care.  We thank all of them for volunteering and working HARD!  Sonja (Texas), Olga L (Washington state), Lamya (Kuwait), Lulu (Kuwait), Allison (Colorado), and Philippe (California) taught health education, took vital signs, assisted in the dental clinic, assisted physicians, held babies, learned wound care, assisted in the laboratory, and so much more!  Regardless of their reasons for volunteering, they all learned a lot and made a tangible difference to the lives of our patients.
We were so lucky to have 10 amazing nurses and one amazing surgical technician on this team.  They took wonderful care of our well patients, patients needing labs, patients needing wound care, patients just in need!  They are RNs Malia (California), Julia (North Carolina), Angela (Pennsylvania), Amanda (Texas), Jules (Virginia), Lena (Washington state), Liza (Washington state), Kayla (Virginia), Emily (Missouri), and Sarah (Arizona).  RN Sarah is another IMR alumna – she worked in the Brazilian Amazon last year and this team really benefited from her skills and knowledge!  Last but certainly not least, we’ll introduce you to Olga P, our surgical technician from Washington state.
It was a great week. We made friends, we learned a ton, we laughed, we cried, we were tired and excited. We were eager and gracious. But in particular the team was kind, giving, and we never lost our desire to help and heal.