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July 22, 2019
Haiti, Jul 20-27, 2019
July 29, 2019
From Stephanie:

25 strangers from the US and Europe met in Madagascar 2 weeks ago traveling by plane, boat, bus, and camping to villages, communities, and the jail. We provided community education, dental and medical care to 1,015 beautiful people. 1,015 people willing to walk miles by foot. 1,015 people wanting and needing medical and dental attention. 1,015 people with various diseases and ailments that could have been prevented. 1,015 people living in inhumane conditions and strenuous, physical demanding tasks. 1,015 people overlooked and forgotten.

Let me tell you Madagascar, you are not overlooked or forgotten by the IMR team. You have been heard, touched, and loved.

Forever in our hearts,
Madagascar IMR team 2019

Madagascar. It took many hours by plane, boat, bus, truck, and foot to get to you and your amazing people. I am truly honored to have been able to provide care to such happy people, for that I thank you. As for our team, many of you were strangers to me but I feel we left as family, forever bonded by the magic of the island. We shared our skills, knowledge, laughter, and hearts to help these people and that I am thankful. Our interpreters and ground crew accepted our large group of fast talking Americans as a welcomed challenge and we learned so much from one another. I will never forget you all. – Abby, IMR Team Madagascar