Nicaragua: Jan 17-25, 2017
January 27, 2017
Brazil: Feb 17-26, 2017
February 28, 2017

We held clinic in a medium-sized home in a resettlement village of modern houses built by the government following devastating landslide.  The home had a front porch which served as registration for our patients.  Come join us inside as we walk through clinic!

Welcome! Step into our waiting area, built with a bench and a few plastic chairs.  This room serves as the family bedroom. Look to your left and you’ll see pharmacy, set up on one of the beds. The sign reads, “Full service pharmacy!  We deliver!”  Our CRNA, Kate, AKA the drug lady, is behind the counter with her able assistant, RN Charlene.  They are filling prescriptions with both hands.  Directly across the room from them, along the back wall, you’ll see the sign for community health education. “Hand washing and tooth brushing taught daily.  Stretching at no additional charge!”  Sam and Catherine are the teachers here, taking pride in capturing the attention of every student. And to their right and directly across the room from the waiting area are RNs Cyndee and Elli.  Their sign reads, “Are you hot or not?  Are you high or low?  Come on in and we’ll let you know!”

Go through the small door, just behind intake, and you find yourself in the family dining room.  The sign here reads, “Caring is our only business!” Dr. Amanda, Dr. Kris, Dr. Nichole, and Dr. Mike all share office space here.  Behind them to the left is our painless dentist, “Wild Bill.”