India: Dec. 17-25, 2016
December 28, 2016
Medical Mission Trip to Haiti
Haiti: Dec 26-Jan 1 2017
January 3, 2017

On this medical mission trip to Nepal, each of the IMR providers had a medical student and/or “shadowing” student with them.  We value the teaching of our young people on the team and this role gives medical students, nursing students, and undergraduate students (including high school students) the opportunity to learn how our nurses and providers approach patient care.  They observe providers taking a history, ordering lab tests, making a diagnosis, counseling patients, and providing medication as needed.  Medical and nursing students actively participate in patient care under close direction while undergraduate students observe and discuss each patient with the provider.  This is a standard role on IMR teams and gives our up-and-comers needed experience.

When we finally reached the remote village school, we were met with the most amazing welcome.  The local people clapped and cheered for us and laid flower necklaces around our necks.  I will never forget that heartwarming welcome. 

Carol, Dental Hygienist, IMR Team Nepal Volunteer