Ethiopia, Jun 29-Jul 9, 2017
July 12, 2017
Medical Mission Trip to Uganda, July 2017
Uganda, Jul 14-24, 2017
July 28, 2017

From a Day in Clinic in Nepal: We were told this would be a life-changing trip for some of us. However, I don’t think any of us were prepared for what all this day would bring… at least I wasn’t. We rode in buses through Nepal to set up a clinic up above the city. Once we arrived at our destination, we received the official Nepali welcome: piping hot tea and biscuits on the community center rooftop! After set-up, we began to see patients. We were split up into different areas: lab, registration, triage, ortho, general medicine, vision, pharmacy, and women’s care.  Nurses like Nicole assessed patients so they could determine which area they would need to be treated at. Steven, Kendall, Kaitlyn, and Brittany, all nursing students, took much-needed vital signs. Zoe, Lindsey, and Victoria spent the morning teaching the children how to wash their hands and brush their teeth!  Our seasoned veterans, Blair, Kendall, and Mallori, worked tirelessly at various stations through the day. Liam and Kimberly ensured patients reached the appropriate station. Sophia and Dick worked tirelessly to ensure each patient that came through the vision station received glasses that would enable them to read, and knew they had picked the right pair when the patients face would light up in a smile after trying them on!   Heather and Kalli worked with the ortho doctors teaching patients stretching exercises. This team came together to deliver the kind of care our patients needed and deserved, cared for over 300 patients and we could not have asked for a more fulfilling day! – Kimberly, nursing student, Team Nepal volunteer

At the end of our clinic day, we grabbed our gear once again and hiked down the beautiful Himalayas. There were so many beautiful moments throughout the day where I looked up from hiking, organizing medications, or treating patients and couldn’t help but smile at the wonderful sights and blessings that were in front of me. At one point hiking down the mountain, a few of the woman villagers saw me carrying a heavy bag of medical supplies. One tried to help me carry the bag, but when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any shoes on the very steep and rocky terrain, I tried to politely decline and tell her I was okay (even though I was secretly wondering how on earth she was hiking with no shoes and I was struggling hard-core with durable hiking boots!). In a matter of seconds, two other women were around me taking the bag from my hands, insisting “Give me.” I then also noticed their medications and patient slips, indicating we had treated them in clinic hours ago and they were re-paying me for my service to them. I compromised and we each took a handle on the bags. – Danielle, RN, Team Nepal Volunteer