Update from Armenia
August 9, 2015
Team Nepal
August 18, 2015

Medical-Team-Nicaragua-2Our last two days of clinic were amazing experiences quite different from previous days.

Thursday’s clinic took us up river on small boats to a small village on the Caribbean. Once a large coconut plantation, it was abandoned during the revolution. We had 3 short hours to provide clinic because we had to embark on our return trip early enough to get back to the lodge by dark.

Even with reduced hours, we saw 79 patients and had 25 extractions and that was with a downpour of 15 minutes that had even the locals running for cover!

Yesterday we went up the river to the Rama Indians. This was our best day for wildlife viewing as we went up river. There were monkeys, a baboon, and lots of birds including macaws.

We helped 45 patients and had 16 extractions in a very small community. They brought people to us by boat see attached photo.

We leave our wonderful home for the past week at the Lodge today and travel by boat and boat for 10 hours back to Managua where we’ll spend the night and have a rest day on Sunday before heading back to the U.S. on Monday.