Medical Mission Trip to Haiti
Haiti: Dec 26-Jan 1 2017
January 3, 2017
Medical Mission to Myanmar, January 2017
Myanmar: Jan 19-29, 2017
January 31, 2017

“I can’t begin to convey the sheer admiration, respect, and love that I have for all these people (and those not pictured). This trip to Nicaragua, documenting International Medical Relief’s mission to make a very simple yet profound impact on the lives of those less privileged, has touched my heart and helped guide it in a more meaningful direction. The bravery and unbridled sense of kindness woven throughout these people’s character and this experience has shown me something new and refreshing that I will never forget. From our IMR crew to the people of Nicaragua, you will be with me always.”

Madison, Team Nicaragua Volunteer

I just want to thank you for giving my crew and I such an amazing opportunity. I am in awe of the people we met along the way. From the people of San Juan, to our hosts, and of course the medical staff, they each gave their sweat, tears, and clothes off their back to help each other. It was such a gift to go on this journey with these people and I sincerely appreciate you and your family for making this happen.

Caz, Team Nicaragua Volunteer