Medical Mission Trip to Uganda, July 2017
Uganda, Jul 14-24, 2017
July 28, 2017
Medical Mission Trip to the Thailand Gulf, 0717
Thailand Gulf, Aug 4-13, 2017
September 7, 2017

We completed our 5 days of clinic time in a village almost in Costa Rica, close to Bocas del Toro. The area is beautiful and the Rio Terribe is its lifeline, providing work, transportation to school, excellent fishing, and family recreation.  The Naso are the only indigenous people in Panama with a King who oversees the indigenous peoples in the area.   Each village has a Chief who procures goods and service for his people and gets things done, such as school funding, building sidewalks, or adding more electric lights to the illuminate the paths at night.  There are about 100 people, including children, in each village.  The villages are spread out along the Rio Terribe or further inland and people walk, take a river boat, or ride the bus (sometimes a combination of all three) to get places.