Argentina, Nov. 23-30, 2019
December 2, 2019
IMR Team Zambia group photo
Zambia, Nov 30-Dec 8, 2019
December 10, 2019
LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY! That is the key to a successful medical mission! IMR commits to our communities and revisits them regularly to enforce health care education and self empowerment. While IMR missions are short, your footprint lasts a lifetime because IMR won’t leave our communities behind.

First 2 days from the Philippines have been simply amazing! The first day we only had planned on seeing 1 baranguy and ended up seeing 3! Nearly 400 patients seen by a team of 10 with 2 local Filipino doctors! We treated lots for hypertension, & respiratory infections.

On day 2 we were able to go high into the mountains of Palompon. The team was prepared for a 2 hour hike up into this baranguy, but fortunately 4×4 vehicles were borrowed once people found out we were going up. We were able to treat the entire baranguy and felt honored to be the first ever mission of many to return by IMR to go that high into the mountains local or international! Many people International Medical Relief treated there have never seen a doctor or nurse in their whole lives! Now there lives will forever change as we will continue to going back here on a regular basis! One amazing thing I’ve always loved about IMR is that YES! We will go! No matter how far or how difficult, if there’s a need we will come. – Morgan, IMR Team Philippines