Team Nepal
August 18, 2015
Philippines Updates
November 28, 2015

We are so proud of what our Philippines team has accomplished already.  In their first clinic day, they saw about 200 patients in wound care, well care, and dental care–all of whom also gained firsthand knowledge of good health and hygiene practices in the team’s community education classes.  The team has enjoyed bonding with each other and with the locals, especially the adorable children who learned all about effective hand-washing!  Community education is a crucial facet of IMR’s trips, as it leaves a lasting impact on the communities we reach.



Our team leader, Maricar, sent us the following update about the team’s exciting next full day:
Today, we had a rare opportunity to walk around an Aeta community.  We were lead by the locals, Ms. Rose and Ms. Rita.  Both of the them wore red dresses which were traditional dresses worn by locals. They showed us around the area. We were able to see the traditional houses. The views were majestic. They showed us the river where they are getting their main water supply. Their main source of livelihood came from planting rootcrops and making charcoal.
The whole team was at awe with the beautiful surroundings. It was such an amazing experience learning about the Aetas’ way life.
After touring the community, we proceeded to join the town festival. There were a lot of people in a festive mood. We went around the different stalls along the street and towards the old church in the center.  The parade went on showcasing the different contestants of the town beauty pageant. The crowd’s excitement was unstoppable, and we were all delighted to be able to join the festivities.
Definitely a FUN day for the team immersing in local culture!

We’ve added some of Maricar’s photos to our Philippines November 2015 photo album on Facebook and will send more updates soon!