Philippines Trip
November 25, 2015
Syrian Refugee Relief
December 5, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from the Philippines!

Today we held our second clinic in the Central Luzon area. We treated around 550 patients, ranging in ages from 3 months to 89. The most common symptoms seen were hypertension, visual complications, upper respiratory infections, wound care, and chronic pain. Dental extractions and cleanings were also provided to the community. Thorough education was provided on hypertension and hand hygiene. We enjoyed interacting with the community and appreciated their warm welcome!



The team was divided to do either the cultural tour or an adventure tour.

The cultural tour went around the different historic sites in the area. We were also able to watch a cultural show showcasing the different dances in the Philippines. IMR team members were also able to show of their dancing prowess as they tried to dance our national dance which is Tinikling. Tinikling means tikling-like, and the tikling is a bird usually found in plantations. The actual dance imitates the movements of a bird.

The adventure tour went to the hotsprings high up in the mountains.
They rode 4x4s following the river path to the area into the hotsprings. Views were breathtaking. Upon arrival, they received special treatment, pampered with mudpack facials.

The next day, the last day of clinic went by so fast. We were able to see about 150 patients that day. We had the common cases of upper respiratory tract infections, musculoskeletal problems, and hypertension. Community education was conducted by Lady Lou. She discussed hygiene and drinking clean water. Triage patiently went through the patients, taking their vital signs and taking them to the providers queue. Dr. Kara was able to do removal of warts for an adult patient. She was also very busy with a lot of pediatric patients that came by for clinic. Doug saw a possible case of Dengue fever, and the patient was referred to a nearby hospital for diagnostic testing. Dr. Quin was also able to see a lot of adult cases and children. Well care rocked as well, going through each patient at ease and referring them to providers when the need arose.

Dental was busy doing alot of dental cleaning. Daltria was assisted by local dentists. They were able to see 30 patients. They also provided dental education and toothbrushes for their patients.

Overall, good job for team Philippines for the last day of clinic!


Our team leader Maricar has recounted these highlights from the trip, a perfect exchange of information between our team and the locals:

Basic First Aid Seminar for Health WorkersPhilippines-Medical-Trip-2

We conducted a basic first aid seminar for the health workers in an indigenous community in the Philippines. We taught about wound care, burn management, splinting, and first aid for various medical illnesses. All of them were attentive to the lectures given. At the same time, we learned about herbal medicine from the villagers that western medicine has not taught us.

Educating them regarding basic first aid is important since they are front liners in health care for these villages.

Jungle Survival Training for IMR

We were also fortunate enough to be taught basic jungle survival skills by the local Aetas. We were given an introduction on the various herbal medicines used by the villagers. There is basically a cure to everything found in the jungles. We were also equipped with vital jungle skills such as making fire, setting up traps to catch animals, cooking with bamboo, and how to fire an arrow. All of us took a shot at firing an arrow through a target.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning all these skills. We made the most of it and had ample time setting up camp at the hilltop area where we are one among the mountains. We are grateful for the experience.