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April 19, 2017
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June 12, 2017

Who is Team Rwanda?

From one of the daily team updates:
Drs. Bill, Peggy, and Brett have been rocking, seeing around 175 patients each day with the help of their amazing staff.  Our students are shadowing them during the day and also filling other roles as needed when clinic gets busy.  Emily, for example, had the chance to shadow Dr. Bill and did double duty in triage.
RN Susan is the designated master of the laboratory testing area. RN Anna has been working in triage and well care. RN Michelle has been keeping triage and well care rolling while RN Amanda got the special treat of helping our dentist, Dr. Dennis.  Our pediatric pro, RN Emily, has made the visit to clinic a wonderful experience for the children.  Staff member Audrey has had the chance to shadow in nursing and has learned a great deal about labs, wound care, and most importantly, how to provide CARE with the emphasis on caring.
Triage is where all patients get their vital signs taken and charted so that the providers (sick and well) have a head start on how their patient is feeling.  Brad, Charity, and Madison are working tirelessly taking vital signs.  Their accuracy is 100% spot on.  Deonne, a volunteer from our partner organization in Rwanda, has registered every patient we have seen and has become an integral part of the team.
Everyone rotates through community education teaching but today we will highlight LPN Charlotte and staff members Madison and Evan. Charlotte made a huge difference as she worked her magic to help the people see clearly to read and do fine tasks. Their eyes opened up as they could finally see at close range.  Madison and Evan have made a huge impact today in community ed. We feel really great that everyone that walked through our doors know how to take care of their teeth and why, how to clean their water and why it is so vital to drink enough, and for hand washing, the when, why and how. Oral rehydration has been an important topic for those with diarrhea and dehydration.
Staff member Zach, RN Marilyn, and staff member Jackie have spent some time in pharmacy. That trio filled scripts at a record pace and kept our patients from waiting in line – again!
Our dental team has been nothing short of tireless. Under the direction of Dr. Dennis, Chris J, Audrey, and Haley have all been supporting our master of the mouth. Dr. Dennis has met the goal of relieving patient’s pain each day.
Speaking of pain, our resident acupuncturist, Scott, has made all his patients rest, walk and live a lot easier as he removed their pain with needles, tiger balm, remarkable knowledge, and caring hands and voice.
Chris M is one of our runners. He helps shuttle people to and fro. Josh is one of our men about town, doing a little of this and a lot of that, runner, triage, door, whatever is needed.  All the team members just know what needs to be done and they jump right in and do it. We’ve never seen a team quite like his, we have gelled like nothing before and have made lasting friendships.
And our team leader?  Well, Suzie failed to mention the remarkable job she is doing, keeping everything running, comforting all, and making clinic a success, each and every day.
Team Rwanda, May/June 2017
This is an amazing experience. The team has bonded well and are all working together. We have helped so many individuals, from helping them to hear again to just reassuring them that they are well. We have been welcomed by the Rudashya village. — RN Susan and Dr. Brett, Team Rwanda