Team Cambodia, June 2017
Cambodia: Jun 22-Jul 2, 2017
July 5, 2017
Ethiopia, Jun 29-Jul 9, 2017
July 12, 2017

As we packed up to leave, some got emotional as the children of the preschool said goodbye. These children were so good, so happy, and so pure. While they didn’t have everything in the world, you would think they did by the smile on their faces.  We were able to provide a myriad of community education classes to the patients including stretching, nutrition, rehydration, community sanitation, women’s health issues, hygiene, oral health, family planning, proper respiratory health, STDs/HIV.

We also gave education on uncontrolled hypertension and referred them into the mobile district health system that provides regular medicines for patients with chronic diseases.  Many people complained of bone pain as well, and this was primarily due to their working conditions.  The team also provided education to numerous patients with diabetes and treated heartburn, ulcers and respiratory issues. All felt we had truly made a difference in this community. – Shauna, IMR Team South Africa Team Leader

We arrived with our medical bags to a small wooden building that was built on stilts. We could hear dozens of little Zulu voices singing some of their primary songs and upon arrival, dozens of children ran out onto their balcony to meet us. Their smiling faces gave us the warmest welcome in the world as they jumped up and down laughing. – Melissa, IMR Team South Africa Volunteer