Nicaragua Clinic
August 10, 2015
Philippines Trip
November 25, 2015

The Team Arrives
After a long journey, the team arrived safely in Kathmandu. All of the bags of supplies (except for 2) made it as well! Not bad considering the number of bags the team brought to Nepal! They will pick up the last 2 bags tomorrow.

After unpacking and organizing the supplies for clinic, the team will rest up for their busy week serving the people of Nepal. The team is in good spirits and everyone is excited and ready to get to work!

Day 1
Nepal-Medical-Team-2What an incredible day! The Nepal Team conducted their first clinic day North of Kathmandu, seeing almost 500 patients. For having only known each other for 72 hours, the team did an incredible job learning their clinic roles and were able to work in-sync with a group of extraordinary local doctors. It was truly wonderful to learn from Nepalese medical professionals and to find out how much we have in common. They enabled the team to learn about the people and culture and common ailments. The team treated a population that was suffering from coughs, colds, infections, and wounds; but unlike in the US, the Nepalese do not have as much access to the simple necessities that make the difference. Being able to clean wounds and educate patients on the best way to prevent future infections and diseases will go along ways to ensuring their health.

Jalal was able to shadow our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gei as he saw the gynecological patients that came to clinic today. They even were able to allow a mom to hear her baby’s heartbeat for the first time using one of the fetal dopplers. It was awesome!!

A special shout-out goes to the pharmacy team — Katie, Jenny, Emily, Jake, Morgan, and Robyn – they did an incredible job keeping up with prescriptions written in many different formats and trade names from 20 different medical providers.

We feel so blessed to be with such a great group of humanitarians who have dedicated their time and efforts to such a worthy cause. We are looking forward to tomorrow as we work in a displacement camp that originated because of the Nepal earthquake. We are prepared and excited to continue the mission!

Michelle and Wade

Day 2
The team is doing great! They are staying busy in clinic and enjoying their time in Nepal. Here is the latest update from the team:

We have ROCKED as a team today! I cannot believe how smoothly clinic ran. In just a few short hours we were able to see and treat all of the Tibetan villagers of a displacement camp that wanted medical treatment. In addition, we were able to do extensive community health education! Shout outs to Shana, Stefano, and Abby who made sure every single patient learned about how to create oral rehydration solution and went over hygiene, and nutrition modules that are specific to the local food sources. These lessons will last long after our team has left. The local settlement director was so appreciative and the entire team received a small thank you scarf. We were touched and honored.

We were also able to stroll through the main town square and see the palaces and temples that were build over 500 years ago. Despite the destruction that occurred to many of the monuments, the beauty was ever apparent.

We enjoyed an evening at our guest house and are heading to bed a bit early so we can be prepared for a full day tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you supporting us at home. Please be sure to log on to Facebook and see some awesome photo uploads!

~Michelle and Wade