Medical Mission to Nepal, July 2017
Nepal, Jul 6-16, 2017
July 19, 2017
Medical Mission Trip to Panama, 0817
Panama, Jul 29-Aug 6, 2017
August 18, 2017

Day 5 of the IMR Medical Mission Trip to Uganda: We woke up in the dark for the long boat ride to the village to set up clinic. We had a long line waiting and got started as soon as we set up in the local health clinic building. We were high up in the hill with a great view of the lake and had some wind that ripped through our tarps keeping shade over the providers.

This was the furthest clinic away and seemed to be the sickest group of patients. RN Liz spent the day in triage and saw many sick children with multiple skin infections and scabies. A women danced in the clinic for her as a thank you.

EMT Sarah was able to clean and dress multiple wounds. Dr. Monique treated ear infection after ear infection, and many of those patients had skin infections as well.

NP Sarah helped the Reproductive Health of Uganda team that came with us to provide family planning. She examined 12 pregnant women and discovered 3 with pre-eclampsia (a severe condition that is cured by delivery of the baby). Team Leader Dr. Monique worked with the ground team to arrange transport to the hospital in order for immediate care that was needed. Dr. Monique also transported a young infant with liver disease to the hospital for care.

RN Theresa, RN Melissa and NP Jessica saw a patient with leprosy and severe keloid scarring. EMT Sarah did wound care on the man with scarring as well. NP Wren saw a young woman with liver disease and an elderly woman with heart failure. She will remember these patients and their positive attitudes about their disease.

RN Sarah, students Trey and Rebekah were able to sing, dance and play a drum with some local children during the time they we were learning from translator Angelo about how to keep themselves healthy.

RN Theresa and EMT Sarah worked hard in pharmacy and handed out many, many medications and gave medicine to countless children to rid them of parasites and other infections.

The team worked harder than any other day and saw 392 today. Dr. Monique was stunned and so appreciative of their hard work, the translators hard work and all without complaint. The exhausted but smiling team went back to Entusi in the dark and had dinner, then were off to bed.