Nicaragua Team
August 6, 2015
Nicaragua Clinic
August 10, 2015

Yesterday we spent the day in Yerevan! Dr. Lisa and Dr. Joseph presented lectures to local physicians and medical students and the team was able to shop a little more and prepare for a fun and festive dinner to celebrate the many patients that were helped during this successful IMR Medical Camp! This is an AMAZING team – fantastic teamwork with only one thought: see as many patients as possible and take the best care of them possible. They worked through heat and more heat, with every day over 100 degrees, and never had a thought of quitting early!

Dr. Leakara had the interesting experience of working side-by-side with local Armenian dentists, learning how they treat patients and demonstrating techniques that she finds successful. She worked during the week in the mobile medical/dental van, which made taking care of patients much easier, although the space was small and 3 dentists made it even smaller! Dr. Joseph also worked in the van, seeing many challenging neurologic and psychiatric patients. Dr. Lisa, as Team Leader, spent much of her time overseeing clinic operations, helping the RNs and EMT to carefully assess patients, and encouraging everyone to stay focused and KEEP WORKING!
Our medical staff members, Katie, Naomi, Gabby, DJ, and Deepty, worked in pharmacy, assessed patients for reading glasses and encouraged them to find the exact prescription to meet their needs, helped patients move from one area of clinic to another, which often involved going outside to enter the mobile van, and kept triage moving. Allie, our EMT, taught our staff how to take blood pressures and triage patients appropriately. All of our medical staff shadowed our providers, taught community education, and learned a great deal about medicine. Many of them are future doctors and nurses, others simply desire to help in a very tangible and meaningful way.

Our RNs, John, Genae, and Jane, worked with our MAs and CNAs, Lauren and Corinne, provided excellent patient care and ensured that every patient went home knowing more about their health and how to stay healthy than when they came. No group of nurses are more compassionate or driven than this bunch!

Our translators ensured that every patient understood what our providers, nurses, and staff needed them to learn – their patience is much appreciated! Our ground team worked hard every day to ensure that the team had what they needed to see patients. Thank you to all!

Tomorrow will find us in the air, heading toward a much deserved rest day. We are going to leave you wanting to know more! We’ll tell you tomorrow where we went and what we did!

Armenia-Medical-Team-BC​We also celebrated DJs special day!! Happy Birthday, DJ. This photo is worth enlarging a bit to see the amazing cake – the finest in all of Yerevan, we believe!! ​