Nicaragua - Medical & Dental Relief


June 1, 2019 - June 8, 2019

Join For As Little As: 3,050*

  • * Includes $300 rebate for bag scholarship. Apply to purchase a group ticket and carry supply bags for IMR. See More Info below.
  • See More Info below for full details and additional options for travel.

IMR Signature Trips
This trip offers special features or exclusive opportunities unique from standard IMR experiences.

About The Mission Trip

trip_InfoAboutAfter landing in vibrant Costa Rica, you will be transported by boat to Nicaragua's tropical rainforest region. You will be staying in one of the most ecologically diverse environments of the world. The medical team will travel to the Rama Indian tribes and other nearby communities to set up clinics. Each morning the team will venture out on guided boats, traveling on rivers famous for world-class fishing, to reach these nearby large communities as well as the more isolated locations throughout the rainforest. Following the clinic, IMR’s team will return to their accommodation: a state of the art, exclusive lodge, where private cottages are connected via bridged paths that wind through the Amazon rainforest. Housing a minimum of 44% of the plant species and 35% of vertebrate species on Earth, Nicaragua’s rain forest is considered a biodiversity hotspot of Mesoamerica. Embrace the opportunity to be immersed in this tropical ecosystem, as this area is in danger of being lost, like so many of our natural rainforests.

About Clinic

trip_InfoClinicThe growth in the Bluefields area has expanded beyond the ability of the medical structure to care for their patients. IMR works in town to help offset the overload of patients from the continual growth in this area. Also, indigenous groups that rarely receive medical care or any outside visitors are also a very special highlight for any volunteer. It is an honor to receive the patient's trust and be allowed into this region to provide medical care. The Rama, considered to be the “Guardians of the Forest,” do not generally have the means to travel the extensive distances to seek the limited health care typically offered. Your patients will paddle for many hours against the current to come to clinic or to return to their homes after being seen. If you watch closely, you may see a small wooden canoe, hand carved from the single log of a tree, tied up to a larger barge for a tow against the current. IMR’s focus on health education and acute medical and dental care will serve your patients well: you will see many patients for wound care, respiratory infections, and fungal infections. Rotavirus, giardiasis, ascariasis, and other infectious diseases are common, much of which can be prevented through your team’s focus on preventing disease with education.

Transportation & Lodging

trip_InfoLodgingThe Río Indio Adventure Lodge is considered a Birding Paradise due to the great variety of species and families in a relatively small area. Our packages1 can suit your needs to find that special bird or just to marvel at the great variety of colors and species. The Rio Indio Adventure Lodge rests on the banks of the San Juan River surrounded by 640,000 acres of Rain Forest at the Rio Maíz National Park, which makes it the largest rain forest north of the Amazon Jungle. From the high Cloud Forest of Costa Rica to the low lands of the Nicaraguan Jungle, you will find a great deal of indigenous species of plants and animals that do not exist in other parts of the world. After a successful day in clinic, your team will return to your state-of-the-art, exclusive lodge where private cottages are connected via bridged paths winding through the rainforest. Adventure seekers on your team can take in a nightly stroll to look for crocodiles, hunt for caimans from the lodge boats, look for the loud yet elusive howler monkeys, hold and hug a sloth, or try paddle boarding and world-class fishing. Others might enjoy reading in a hammock swing, read or journal from your spacious private cottage deck rocking chair, swimming in the infinity pool or waterways, taking nature hikes to spot unique plants, flowers, and creatures such as the beautiful poison dart frog, or spending some quiet time in your private rainforest cottage, reflecting on the day and watching the sun set. For those in between active and restful, do some birding--toucans, jacanas, ibis, and spectacular owls don’t even begin to name all of the birds seen at the resort. After this, you will be ready for dinner: gourmet local fare, with a spectacular assortment of local fruits, local fish, and remarkable desserts which will not disappoint. Wake up to a lovely breakfast buffet, and the lodge will cater your simple, but flavorful lunch in clinic each day. For those of you flying independently, you can book your flights to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua which is quite close to the resort. For more adventuresome travel, book your flights to San Jose, Costa Rica. From there it is approximately 2 hours by bus and 3 -5 hours by boat. You are going on a real adventure on this trip!

Trip Highlights

trip_InfoHighlightsThis Signature Trip includes lodging at a five-star eco-lodge, specially designed evening activities, gourmet food, and the opportunity to care for the indigenous Rama people of Rama Cay. You will travel along some of the most beautiful waterways in the world; keep a sharp eye out for birds and a few crocodiles along the way! TRAILS: Almost 6 kilometers of nature trails to explore right on the property. Come experience this awesome rain forest wilderness and see the many birds and wild animals we have right on the property! Maybe you’ll see the Red Brocket Deer or the shy tapir. You will almost definitely find a toucan lighting upon a branch overhead or any of the more than 600 species of exotic birds that inhabit this area. Either way, you will be sure to enjoy the incredible beauty of this exotic natural wonderland! What could be better than a fresh, all-natural escape from the rigors of your day to day life? Well, throw in some of the best fishing imaginable, a rain forest home to more than 600 species of birds and 200 species of wild animals, natural springs and much more, and you have not only a vacation, but the adventure of a lifetime! FISHING: The location of the Rio Indio Lodge in this region of Costa Rica and Nicaragua puts us in the ideal position to fully explore its great sport fishing potential. Tackle-tearing Tarpon, Trophy Common Snook, Fat Snook, Rainbow Bass (Guapote), Mojarra, Drum and many more make us an exclusive year-round fishing destination for species unlikely to be found anywhere else. For our Caribbean coast operation, we utilize our fully outfitted 16-foot Jon boats allowing anglers to work the rivers and back waters, while our powerful 20-foot fishing vessel allow us safely fish in shore and along the river mouths for Tarpon, Jack, Triple Tail, Snapper and Tuna. Our bilingual guides (most being Rama Indians), know the area like no others and are experts on the latest fishing gear, knots and techniques. Our guides will take you to exclusive virgin areas of the rain forest that only our boats have access to, discovering a whole new concept of unexplored and unexploited sport fishing. Individual packages can be purchased for volunteers to use during their stay after clinic.

Extend Your Stay


You're venturing around the globe, have you considered extending your stay a few additional days to visit some of Nicaragua top spots? Join IMR on an exclusive extension of the Corn Islands in Nicaragua! Laden with vibrant Caribbean colors and blissfully underdeveloped, Big and Little Corn islands whisk you far away from reality to a primitive paradise right on the verge of becoming the Next Big Thing. Spend restful hours lying in a palm tree-anchored hammock, kick back in a no-fuss beach shack or snorkel from deserted pristine beaches. Savor hand-picked tropical fruits and fresh Caribbean lobster, then pull up a stretch of golden beach and relax for days in a true island paradise.

Take a look at the trip itinerary here:

For more information contact Worldwide Navigators, our preferred travel agency, at

Trip Itinerary

This itinerary is subject to change without notice.

Please note:  Independent flight arrangements should not be made until after the group flight is booked.  You will be notified about the group flight at the Early Bird deadline.  If you are planning on flying independently and want to book your flight in advance, please contact Worldwide Navigators at for the most up-to-date trip information before you book your independent flight. 

June 1, 2019 - Arrivals

You and the team will fly into the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica on the evening of June 1st. You will stay the night in San Jose prior to your day of travel up to the Indio Maiz Natural Reserve in Nicaragua! Please be sure to arrive by 8:00 pm in San Jose so you have enough time to get acquainted with your team and attend the required clinic orientation.

Meals: Dinner


June 2, 2019 - Transfer to Rio Indio

Wake up early for breakfast at your hotel in San Jose then meet your bus outside that will transfer you up to the Costa Rica - Nicaragua border. You and the team will be going through customs and passport control again as you enter Nicaragua, so please have your passport accessible. After crossing the border, get read for an adventure as you all board small motor boats that will carry you up the Rio San Juan River. Have your camera handy - you won’t want to miss the colorful bird and iguanas you pass on your way through the lush rainforest in Nicaragua.

Upon arrival to the Rio Indio Lodge, drop off your belongings in your room and explore the grounds with your team. Staying in this eco-friendly lodge will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


June 3-6, 2019 - Clinic

Wake up to breakfast provided to you at the lodge, then ride up river each day to work in town to help offset the overload of patients from the continual growth in this area. You will be serving communities in Bluefields, Nicaragua and also indigenous groups that rarely receive medical care or any outside visitors are also a very special highlight for any volunteer. In clinic, you will focus on health education and acute medical and dental care. You will see many patients for wound care, respiratory infections, and fungal infections. Rotavirus, giardiasis, ascariasis, and other infectious diseases are common.

After closing clinic, depart back to the lodge for dinner and wildlife spotting. Keep an eye out for the grounds’ “pet” crocodile.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


June 7, 2019 - Transfer to San Jose

Enjoy breakfast at the lodge for one more morning and then pack your things to head back to Costa Rica. Upon arrival in San Jose, you and the team will stay in a hotel near the airport for departures the following day. Take advantage of your overnight in San Jose and venture into the city to experience the nightlife in town.

If you are planning to extend your stay on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, you will be free to leave anytime on the 7th. You won’t want to miss the crystal clear water and thriving reefs off the coast.

Contact Worldwide Navigators to Extend your Stay!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


June 8, 2019 - Departures

You and the team will be free to depart anytime on June 8th. We hope you enjoy your time in Nicaragua!!

Meals: Breakfast

Trip Donation & Flight Options

Pay 1,675 and complete your application to secure your place as a TEAM MEMBER!

Payments & Requirements

How much do I need to pay?

Before Mar 5th, 2019: 2,850

  • Pay 1,675 of the total cost by the Early Bird date AND upload/complete all of your required documents and forms receive $200 off the cost of your trip.  
  • Meeting this goal ensures that your space on the team is confirmed
  • You are an EARLY BIRD!  
  • Payment in full is due by May 11th, 2019

After Mar 5th, 2019: 3,050

  • To confirm your space on the team: Pay 1,675 of the total cost AND upload all of your required documents and forms!  
  • Space on our teams is on a first come/first serve basis.  Your space is not reserved until you have met these requirements.  
  • Payment in full is due by May 11th, 2019
  • Unfortunately, eligibility for the $200 savings on this trip is no longer available after Mar 5th, 2019.

Flexible Flight Options

Is group airfare available through IMR?

Before Mar 5th, 2019:  YES! IMR will arrange your international flight on a "group" ticket at your request!

  • Domestic and international airfare is not included in the published cost of the trip.
  • Pay 1,675 of the total cost AND upload all of your required documents and forms to be eligible to fly on the international group ticket.
  • Submit your flight choice as “economical” or “premier” in your account.
  • Approve the ticket that IMR is going to purchase on your behalf and complete the purchase with IMR's approved travel agency.
  • The cost of airport transfers are included in the cost of your ticket!

After Mar 5th, 2019: You may still be able to join the group flight on a space-available basis only

    • Pay 1,675 of the total cost AND upload all of your required documents and forms by Mar 5th, 2019
    • Contact the office to see if group tickets are still available.
    • Submit your flight choice as “economical” or “premier”, approve the ticket, and complete the purchase with IMR's approved travel agency.  
    • The cost of airport transfers are included in the cost of your ticket!
    • You will need to purchase your domestic roundtrip ticket after your international flight is ticketed and confirmed.
May I purchase my own international flights?

Yes! Purchasing your own international flights provide you with maximum travel flexibility! 

  • Some trips may require an international flight and a domestic flight in country to meet the team.
  • You are required to meet the IMR team at the designated time and location per the trip itinerary
  • Submit your flight choice as “independent”.
  • You have many options for extending your stay including extended stays available through IMR’s preferred travel agency, Worldwide Navigators
  • If you would like to request airport transfers at an additional cost, please click on the link to send an email to the IMR office.

$300 Bag Scholarship

Doesn’t IMR need to send supply bags for my trip? Can I save some $$$?


  • We hope you made the Early Bird and saved $200.  Would you like to save $300 more?
    • YES - We need your help to take IMR supply bags internationally to Nicaragua!
      • The scholarship is first come, first served.  We only have a few on every trip!
      • Priority is given to group flight ticket holders but independent fliers are also welcome to apply!
      • Apply for the scholarship on your account page.  It is simple to do.
      • You will receive the funds in the form of a rebate after your IMR bags have been received at the IMR warehouse after your trip.
    • The IMR office will let you know when you have been approved for the scholarship!  
        • Take 2 supply bags for IMR both ways to Nicaragua.  
        • IMR will provide prepaid shipping to send you IMR bags and to receive IMR bags from you after your trip.
        • Occasionally, bags are not included on international flights.  If you are flying on the group ticket, IMR will cover this cost for you.
        • You are responsible for any checked baggage charges on your domestic ticket to and from the departure airport.
        • Bags may weigh up to 50 lbs and are not always roller bags
        • You will receive a rebate check for $300 after returning your assigned bags to IMR immediately following your trip (using your pre-paid UPS mailer).

Extended Stays - Trip of a lifetime!!

May I book an extended stay through IMR if I choose the group flight?


Contact Worldwide Navigators to see your options

May I book an extended stay through IMR if I choose to book my own tickets?


Sleeping the way you want to!

What are the sleeping arrangements?
  • Triple or double twin bed rooms are standard on IMR trips. This is part of our safety and security policies.
  • Each volunteer has their own bed (no shared beds outside of couples). 
  • Let  the IMR Office know if you are a family or couple.  We always try to accommodate our volunteer’s needs!  Please use the link to email our office. 
  • IMR does not discriminate in any way – please let us know your rooming needs.  
  • Please understand if we are unable to accommodate your specific needs based on availability at the hotel or lodging on your trip. 
Are single rooms available?


  • Contact the IMR Office to find out if single rooms are available and at what cost
  • Standard IMR sleeping arrangements are double or triple rooms, twin beds

Sleeping the way you want too!!

Travel Assistance

If you would like help booking flights, hotels, extended stays, and more contact Worldwide Navigators at (970) 633-3033.


IMR provides a personal and customizable fundraising page to all registered trip applicants.  We provide a fundraising packet that is full of ideas on how you can raise support or supplies to be utilized on this specific mission.  You may download this information and individual items such as letters requesting support, our 501(c)3 information, and a list of needed supplies from your Volunteer Resources page.  When soliciting donations for any of our trips, your personal story is your most powerful tool.  Why do you want to go? Whom will you help?  How will your donors help you achieve your ultimate goal?  Tell your story to anyone and everyone. Refer your potential or active donors to your IMR personal fundraising page by sharing your unique URL on social media, via email, and through personal contact.  Give your supporters our website and Facebook page so they can see the great things that IMR has accomplished since our founding in 2002.  Did you know we have cared for almost 300,000 patients in the last 16 years?  We need your help and the help of your donors to see 300,000 more patients in the years ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the donation amount include?

The donation amount covers the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation while after joining the IMR team at the designated starting location, and clinic supplies/medications for our patients.  You may choose to join an economical or premier group flight, priced at the time the tickets are purchased, if you donate 50% of the total donation by the Early Bird date. 

Costs that are not included in the donation amount are your passport, travel visas (if applicable),  and if you choose the group flight, your domestic airfare to the group departure city, vaccinations, and insurance. If you choose to fly independently, the cost of your international flight and all other costs in transit are not included in your donation to IMR.  This option gives you the opportunity to extend your stay to do some sightseeing after the trip, choose a routing that best meets your need and your budget, and/or fly directly from your home city to your final destination.  

What will the team be doing on the trip?

IMR teams provide medical and dental care and community health education to communities that lack access to care. A typical IMR team consists of doctors, dentists, and advanced practice providers, nurses, EMTs, medical/dental/nursing students, pre-med students, and non-medical volunteers.  The team makeup for your trip is not guaranteed to be as described above and is dependent on the individual volunteers who make up your team.  The team usually stays in a central location and travels each day to a different community to set up a mobile medical and dental clinic. In order to promote lasting and sustainable improvements in the health of those communities, IMR conducts an extensive community health education program, teaching about prevention and treatment in small groups and during individual consultations with providers. No matter what your specialty or skill level, there is a job for you on an IMR trip!

Can I fundraise for the trip?

Yes!  Many volunteers fundraise for trips.  You can find information and tips on how to fundraise on your Volunteer Resources page on the IMR website.  You will have access to a personal fundraising page with a unique URL that you can share with family, friends, business associates, and any potential donors via social media.   IMR is a 501(c)3 charity, and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Are there any important dates I need to know?
      • IMR Group Flight: In order to qualify for the IMR Group Flight, you will need to reach 50% of the required donation on or before Mar 5th, 2019.
      • Early Bird Special: A discount of $200 is awarded to team members who raise / pay 50% of the required donation on or before Mar 5th, 2019.
Are there additional costs / expenses for the trip?
  • If flying on a group flight: your domestic round-trip airfare to the central point of departure and any costs associated with this portion of your travel or during the international portion of your travel.  Your all-inclusive trip starts and ends at a designated location in country.
  • If flying independently: your international round-trip flight and any costs associated with this portion of your travel until joining the team at the designated starting point and after you separate from the team at the designated ending point of the trip.  If you wish to join the group ground transportation from the final airport to the designated starting point and/or back to the airport at the end of the trip, you may do so for a small fee.  
  • Passport fees, visa fees, and transit fees, including baggage or overnight accommodations/meals while in transit.
  • Vaccinations and medications common for travel.
  • Spending money for souvenirs and personal purchases.
  • Trip supplies and personal equipment or small gifts for the special people you meet. 
  • Any lodging, meals, and transportation outside of the scheduled team itinerary, payable at the time of service to the local vendor.
Can IMR assist me with travel plans and extended stay options?

Yes!  We encourage our volunteers to extend their stay and explore.  Extending your stay also puts money into the economies of these developing countries!

Trip Preparation

A service that we are very proud of at IMR is the preparation that each team and team member receives prior to the trip. This is one of the most important reasons that you should join an IMR team.

All team members have access to the IMR Volunteer Resources page where you may view and download important conference calls, a detailed briefing packet outlining the important elements that make a successful trip, packing lists, a checklist to keep you on track, and much more. You will find detailed information on how clinic operates, the roles on an IMR team, community health education topics, fundraising tips, and all of the materials our licensed providers need including best practices for providing care in short term medical clinics, public health information specific to the country you are traveling too, and a guide to the infectious diseases of that country.  You will also find a comprehensive country briefing packet that provides background information, cultural etiquette, common phrases, and links to additional information from a variety of sources on your volunteer resources page.  Finally, a departure packet that outlines how and where to meet your team will be sent just prior to departure and can be downloaded from the volunteer resources page.

IMR applicants and team members are also able to join in two informational calls: About IMR and How Clinic Operates/Provider Guidelines.   A Q and A call just prior to departure helps to ensure that you have the most important information and are ready to go!  If you can't join our live calls, you can listen at any time via your Volunteer Resources page.  Your team's departure call will be recorded by and sent by email to the team immediately following the call.

All of our volunteers have access to a personal IMR fundraising page with a unique URL that can be emailed and shared with family, friends, business associates, and other potential donors.

Did you know you can earn CME credits on line with IMR? will get you to 6 1 hour courses containing great tips for treating a variety of conditions in the field including wounds, hypertension, dengue fever, and more.

Most importantly, we are always here to answer your questions or help you complete your application. It is our goal that we exceed your expectations for preparation, patient care, and your overall trip. Let us know how we can help and how we did!

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