Non-Medical Volunteers


The Foundation for All of Our Clinics

On trips abroad with International Medical Relief, typically at least half our volunteers have no medical background. Their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our clinics. Whether you’re looking to make an impact on your family vacation this year – we welcome children and teens who want to volunteer! – or you just want to travel to make a difference for those less fortunate than yourself, an international trip with IMR may be ideal for you.

As a non-medical volunteer, you will work side by side with the medical team each day in clinic, as well as build important relationships with members of the community. IMR volunteers provide comprehensive community health education to our patients to empower them to take and manage their own health care. This is a critical component for all short-term medical mission trips, as it allows us to leave a lasting footprint on the community. You will be a part of this important team.

Non-medical volunteer teaching a community education class


  • Community Health Education – We provide you with a variety of topics or you can choose your own topic to teach a class to the local communities that will help build and strengthen the people through health and wellness.
  • Blogger & Trip Historian – Do you love to write?  Do you want to be in the know?  Send out the daily blog of important clinic events to the team’s family and friends.  Speak with a team member in each department at the end of the day to capture their special story and write a short blog that helps family and friends at home (and on the IMR Facebook page, tweets, hashtags and Instagram!) to be part of the action!
  • Well Care Pharmacy Team – Be part of a nightly team that pre-packs over-the-counter medications for use the next day!  Work with a group of your team members to prepare medications in advance that are commonly used.  This is a great way to get to know your fellow team members!  Pre-packing commonly used medications significantly cuts down the wait times in pharmacy and helps us see more patients.  You will learn about the uses and common doses of a wide range of medications used in clinic.
  • Patient Registration and Intake – Every patient has a registration form, either electronic or paper, where we capture important data.  Starting this process and registering the patients at the front end of clinic is essential.
  • Patient escort services – Responsible for checking the patient’s intake form and ensuring that the patient receives comprehensive care from every provider, based on their health history and requests for care. This role keeps our clinic moving and helps us see many more patients each day.
  • Photo Documentarian – Photograph designated patients and capture individual stories of interesting and important cases.  Interview patients about experiences and document these for IMR.
  • Statistics Team – Be part of a nightly team to capture the disease statistics from the clinic day.  This is an extremely important task for future teams.  All data is reported to the Ministry of Health and local health officials after the trip.  Learn about the common diseases and treatments seen in clinic and gain an understanding of the demographics of our patients. Identify trends and gain an understanding of health disparities in different communities.
  • Community Projects – If you have a particular specialty and want to be involved in a unique way, IMR will try to put your skills to use where we can.  From engineers to cooks, there are many assets that our volunteers bring to the table that we put into action.
  • Clinic Setup and Breakdown

See Life Through the Eyes of the Local People

It is an amazing opportunity for non-medical volunteers to travel to a developing country and see a place they always dreamed of visiting.  These volunteers have the privilege to see life through the eyes of locals, understand the culture of these communities firsthand, and go outside the boundaries of the main sites in the history books to enjoy the smiles and tears of the people.