IMR Nursing Staff are essential for the success of our global health clinics.  Whether you are an RN, LPN, BSN, or CNA, or you have a particular nursing specialty such as women’s health, pediatrics, geriatrics, wound care, or ICU, our patients need your expertise, skills, and care!

For nurses traveling with IMR, we dedicate our lives to the care of those who come our way, offering a healing touch from our hands and our spirits through the many situations and places that find us at the bedside for those who need us most.

We laugh in the thick of it and cry on our own. We embrace the joy along with the fear and the grief along with birth. We miss the time at the bedside and we long for the days when patient care gave us more time with those to whom we have dedicated our lives.

Come travel with us and go back to the basics! Travel to heal and educate, laugh and touch. Plan on changing lives to fill your well and find out that it was your life that was changed!

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou


I can’t find the right words to express how I felt about my first medical mission trip in Haiti. All I know is that they had given me more than what I was able to offer. The kids are so grateful even with a simple hug, touch of a hand, or simply by just playing with them. They love taking pictures and I love their smiles. The things we take for granted are everything to them. I fell in love. The people in Haiti are soo thankful to whatever we could offer no matter how little it may be and I’m very thankful for them for showing me how big their hearts are. Thank you for taking a big piece of my heart. I’ll be back soon.

Mary Elleinne, Haiti


It’s hard to find words to describe such a wonderful trip. It is hard to summarize all that you see and do and the people you meet and help. All you can do is appreciate it in the end. Appreciate the smiles from the patients and the sincere gratitude that they feel towards you for taking the time to help them. Appreciate the smile in a little child as you try and help them feel better. After all, if you can make one sick patient feel like they mattered even for a moment, or if you can make one sick child smile, it makes all the long days and travel to get there worth it.

Nathan, Rwanda


I can’t believe my time here in Kenya is over! This week has been incredibly life changing. I got to provide medical care for over 1000 people. The people here are nothing but kind and grateful. They truly made my time here amazing. I’ve made so many new friends from all over the U.S. and Kenya. If you’re interested in a medical mission trip, I HIGHLY suggest going with International Medical Relief. I’m already planning my next trip with the team. Kenya you have a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to come back!

Alyssa, Kenya


Well Care: Assess well and mostly well patients and recommend over-the-counter medications or prescription medications under standing orders.   You will work as part of a collaborative care team with physicians, advanced practice providers, and other medical professionals.

Triage: Triage patients to sick or well care based on vital signs and a rapid assessment.

ICU: Administer IV fluids and medications as required in clinic.

Laboratory, injectables, and respiratory therapy: Provide laboratory testing, nebulizer treatments, teach correct use of inhalers and other therapies, reconstitute and administer IV and IM medications.

Wound care: Coverage of the wound care area and treatment of major and minor wounds

Minor procedures: You may be asked to assist other providers in minor procedures in clinic

Sustainable Community Health Education: Education at well-care stations on the prevention of diabetes, hypertension, sexually transmitted infections, family planning, asthma and respiratory diseases, vaginal and urinary tract infections, and new baby care.

Patients also receive group classes in basic hygiene, hydration, sanitation, water purification, wound care, and stretching.

Teaching: All providers on IMR trips are responsible for teaching IMR student volunteers and local health care students. Students work under direct supervision and within their scope of care and comfort level. You may be asked to provide direct supervision to student nurses as required.


IMR takes care of all the arrangements for our volunteers, including transportation, in-country lodging, meals, ground logistics, and translators. Our number-one priority is that you are comfortable, safe, and secure during the time you spend with us.

All-inclusive destinations

Safe and secure working and lodging environments

Once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences

Hands-on, real-life international humanitarian opportunity

Help with online fundraising to cover trip costs

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a trip with IMR. See our Team Guide »


IMR clinics include three basic components: acute medical care, acute dental care, and community health education. Our teams consist of a variety of medical and non-medical volunteers, including medical providers, dentists and dental staff, PAs, NPs, nurses, EMS, non-medical personnel, and an IMR staff clinic director. The make-up of each team is unique and the services we provide to patients are, in part, specialized to meet the expertise within the team.

What Do Our Nurses Have to Say?

Salani kahle.
The Zulu word for Goodbye – stay well.

As I sit at the airport waiting for my long journey back home, I can’t help but to reflect upon my trip this past week while fighting back tears.

This week I’ve learned life lessons that can’t be taught. 
I’ve learned that one person truly can make a difference in someone’s life.
I’ve learned that no matter how big or small, an act of kindness goes a long way.
I’ve learned that you can never know the struggle a person is going through unless you take the time to listen and understand.
I’ve learned to withhold judgment, you never know what it’s like in someone else’s shoes. (If they even have them.)
I’ve learned that hugs and smiles are a universal language.
I’ve learned that no matter how bad the day, it could always be a lot worse.
I’ve learned to be grateful and humble.

This week I have held complete strangers in my arms. I’ve been hugged so hard I can feel the love radiating. The smiles I have seen can bring sunshine to any stormy day. This week I have met people so poor, but so rich in love and happiness.

A piece of my heart will always be here in Africa.

Mackenzie, South Africa

We bid goodbye to this place of clear skies and a thousand hills and valleys, to the sounds of the birds and to the smiles of the people we see everywhere we go. We say goodbye to the majestic giraffe and its graceful manner, to the elephant who protects us all, and to the lions who are fierce as they remind us – they rule the lands. We say goodbye to the many orphans we cradled in our arms and the tears we wiped away from their cheeks as well as our own. We look behind as the townships wave and bless us for volunteering to bring them medical care and laughter and love they have not, or may never, receive again. We watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean and it drops into the deep water so vast with its myriad colors of blue. 

We say “see you later” to the many people who have watched over us this week as they changed our lives. We remember the sights and the smells, the sounds and the light. We know we can change the world one kind act at a time and we know we have changed ours forever. 

We remember that everyONE matters. We think of the hands we held, the joy we shared, the tears we held back, and the ones we let fall down our cheeks. 

Farewell beautiful and wonderful and peaceful South Africa. You will never stand apart from us but will forever be with us. 

Evelyn, Team Leader, South Africa

IMR Haiti Medical Mission trip was an amazing experience! I had the opportunity to meet, work with and get to know some of the most amazing people. We were able to help over 1,000 people in Haiti. They were very kind and glad to have us. I only wish we were able to do more for them. 

To my family and friends, I could not have done this without your love and support! THANK YOU so much!!

To my IMR crew, you guys and girls were amazing. It was an honor and a privilege working with you. I’m going to miss you all!!

Thank you all for making this possible!

Josh, Haiti

It’s true that despite the color of our skin or the language that we speak, we are more alike than different. Our hearts beat the same, we smile the same and love the same.

Thank you to the people of Haiti for filling my heart with so much gratitude and reassuring me that this is what I am meant to do. Thank you to International Medical Relief for allowing us to provide care for over 1,000 citizens and allowing me to work with an amazing crew! Until next time.

Pooja, Haiti

Finally back in the states after traveling for over 24 hours. It was a very long journey and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect back over the last week. It is so good to be back, but at the same time, I am sad that this amazing experience with an absolutely amazing team has come to an end. Even though I was scared to death about doing this on my own, this experience has far exceeded any expectations I had and I’ve made some wonderful new friends. My heart is truly so full and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of this team. The team was made up of 42 amazing people from all over the U.S. The people of Kenya were absolutely wonderful and so kind and gracious. We were able to help 1,377 patients on this trip!!

If anyone is considering a mission trip, I hope you will consider International Medical Relief.
I definitely hope to do more trips for sure and I will never forget this trip of a lifetime.

Missy, Kenya

Truly humbled by this experience. It’s been amazing to not only work beside such a diverse group of people with a fellow passion for medicine, but to also care for these people who are so kind and patient.

Together we have triaged, diagnosed, prescribed for, and treated over 600 patients in just three days, and will continue for a few more days. We’ve seen everything from malaria, infectious wounds, amebiasis, tuberculosis… to appendicitis, sepsis, and splenomegaly.

All with the help of some skilled, hardworking translators.

It’s been exhausting but rewarding, and one of the few times in life I’m eager to wake up and start the day.

Matthew, Rwanda

During IMR’s week in Haiti, our team was able to care for more than 1,000 people. It never ceases to amaze me how great of an impact people can have when we come together for a unified mission. I mean, our team was just a bunch of strangers that all gathered in one place, with one goal: to serve and give to the people of Haiti. How amazing! To give selflessly is truly the GREATEST experience of being human. Thank you to IMR for being an organization that strives to make a difference in this world.

Yurika, Haiti