Packing Your Carry-On Bag


You can print individual sections of this list using the print buttons above each section OR you can print the entire list using the PDF link at the bottom of the page. Tip: to use your phone to track your purchases, simply leave the list open in a browser window and check off purchased or packed items as you go.

Follow all TSA guidelines for carry-on bags. Pack as much of your personal gear as possible in your carry-on to avoid losing important items for your trip.

  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Phone, other electronics, charging cords
  • Medications (prescription and over the counter)
  • E-Tickets and domestic hotel information
  • Copy of passport and driver’s license (kept separate from your passport)
  • Emergency contact information
  • IMR Departure Packet customs forms and customs form page
  • Pen for filling out customs forms
  • International calling card/text or data plan or an unlocked, international phone (with international SIM card)
  • Credit cards, cash (limited quantities) Tip: Carry a little-used credit card to limit loss if the card is lost or stolen
  • Snacks, water for plane (purchase after going through TSA)
  • Books (if desired)
  • Money belt for passport – waist, neck, or calf
  • Ear plugs (if desired)
  • A low-dose aspirin for blood clot prevention on airplane (as recommended by your doctor)


  • Sleep bag and pad
  • Tent
  • Mosquito Net
  • Sleep Sack