Pharmacists work with providers and patients in a variety of patient care roles and supervise medical staff in pharmacy each day.

  • Primary Responsibility: Pharmacists partner with our providers to provide clinical information about medications, dosing, and substitutions for our patients. You will be asked to consult as required.
  • Medication safety is primary.
  • Substitutions to unfamiliar medications based on our formulary is often required.
  • Pediatric dosing guidance is frequently required.
  • Primary Responsibility: Pharmacists educate patients about medication safety and storage and ensure that they can open the bottle and correctly take their first dose in clinic.
  • Supervisory Roles: You will have members of the medical staff (or non-medical volunteers) to help you in the pharmacy each day.
  • Well Care Pharmacy: We will set up a well care pharmacy each day to help with the volume in pharmacy. Over-the-counter medications are pre-packaged and given to each provider for their use during the day. You will oversee your pre-packing team in the evening or during the day as required.
  • Sick Care Pharmacy: The sick care pharmacy dispenses and fills prescription medications, including suspensions, and educates patients on medication safety and dosing. IM medications are frequently prepared in the pharmacy if nursing is not available or not familiar with the dosing. Compounding may be required.
  • Learning Opportunities: All providers on IMR trips are responsible for teaching IMR student volunteers and local health care students as much as possible. You will able to teach about medication classes, medication safety, and basic pharmacology to interested students during the day.
  • Clinical Trials: You may have the opportunity to participate in collecting data for clinical trials if IMR has an approved trial at the time of your trip.