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Medical Missions for Groups

International Medical Relief partners with professional, hospital, corporate, student, and other groups to offer a customized short-term medical mission trip experience that you will be proud to put your name on.  Our programs take your group behind the scenes of international medicine in a clinic setting that will cement your team’s passion for healthcare service.

This unique opportunity is comprehensive and positions you to offer a special turnkey program with little effort. Your customized team can be assembled, educated, and sent into the field in collaboration with IMR-licensed medical providers or exclusively with your group alone to help those most in need.  Choose from among our many locations and select the time of year that best fits your schedule.

In partnership with International Medical Relief, your team has the privilege of gaining hands-on patient care and knowledge in the field with medical providers.  Through a tailored combination of mentoring, observation and tutorial, International Medical Relief clinic-based medical mission trips offer a unique insight into the rewards and demands of a medical career. International Medical Relief provides short-term opportunities throughout the year and can customize programs based on cost and timeframe. We take care of all logistical arrangements so you can focus on the experience for your group.

Contact us today to learn more about what IMR can offer your group.

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